See also the CHANGES.PLAINTEXT file for a list of
explanations what the impact of changes is

2004/03/01 21:45:00 RELEASE 0.99 b2 (beta)

2004/03/01 20:28:22 (aeby)	version:
	we are already at 0.99b2

2004/03/01 20:21:19 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/Requester.pm:
	request(): fixed cache setting: do this within $code sub in order to work
	with Requesters returning a CWorker

2004/03/01 21:00:00 RELEASE 0.99 b1 (beta)

2004/03/01 10:00:50 (aeby)	tools/install32.pl:
	run diskperf -y during installation

2004/03/01 09:56:05 (aeby)	RELEASE_NOTES-0.99b1.win32:
	added comment about services not always being deleted immediately

2004/03/01 09:55:41 (aeby)	tools/install32.pl:
	DeleteService(): first argument is the machine name

2004/03/01 08:58:38 (aeby)	RELEASE_NOTES-0.99b1:
	*** empty log message ***

2004/03/01 08:57:31 (aeby)	contrib/release_bigsister:
	added creation of NTpre.zip

2004/03/01 08:52:39 (aeby)	install.sh:
	if target file exists try removing it first (this allows overwriting read-only files)

2004/03/01 08:43:19 (aeby)	Makefile.in:
	install.sh .... -d: always install directories with user write permitted

2004/03/01 08:32:45 (aeby)	RELEASE_NOTES-0.99b1:
	added RELEASE_NOTES for 0.99b1

2004/03/01 08:15:20 (aeby)	version:
	version 0.99b1

2004/03/01 07:47:07 (aeby)	modules/procs/tests.cfg:
	... and resolved the dupe procs_true64procs problem by renaming the HP/UX
	variation to procs_hpuxprocs

2004/03/01 07:45:58 (aeby)	modules/procs/tests.cfg:
	pscomm for HP/UX is "ps -e" (reported by Didier Garcon)

2004/03/01 07:45:30 (aeby)	display_map.pm:
	create(): added GD::Image->trueColor(1) as proposed by Didier Garcon

2004/03/01 07:29:45 (aeby)	tools/SNMP_util.pm, tools/SNMP_Session.pm, tools/BER.pm, Makefile.in:
	finally decided to just install the SNMP* modules together with Big Sister

2004/03/01 07:15:02 (aeby)	tools/install32.pl:
	not necessary to reboot any more (well, not on >=Win2k)

2004/03/01 07:14:27 (aeby)	RELEASE_NOTES-0.99b1.win32:
	Big Sister must be unpacked as \bigsis

2004/02/29 20:22:47 (aeby)	RELEASE_NOTES-0.99b1.win32:

2004/02/29 20:17:42 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/eventlog.pm:
	seek(): fixed (whence==2) case, readline(): make sure, _nextevent always
	stays within range, re-open log if we get invalid entries from Read()

2004/02/29 17:29:04 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/eventlog.pm:
	fixed: use GetNumber *and* GetOldest in order to find the last entries index.
	Use GetMessage in order to get a descriptive message text

2004/02/29 17:01:10 (aeby)	skins/default/PAGE_INFO.inc:
	referenced by template.proto - add PAGE_STATUS comment in pages

2004/02/29 16:58:46 (aeby)	etc/uxmon-net.windows:
	*** empty log message ***

2004/02/29 16:58:22 (aeby)	skins/twocolumn/template.proto, skins/default/template.proto, skins/default/WEBROOT.inc:
	added PAGE_STATUS comment in status pages

2004/02/29 16:55:39 (aeby)	modules/win32service/tests.cfg, modules/win32service/module.info, modules/win32service/graphtemplates, modules/win32service/Requester/win32service.pm:
	added win32 Service monitor

2004/02/29 16:53:35 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm:
	compute(): fixed list joining

2004/02/29 16:11:44 (aeby)	configure.in, configure:
	added --with-systype option

2004/02/29 16:11:25 (aeby)	etc/uxmon-net.windows:
	added default uxmon-net file for windows

2004/02/29 15:26:17 (aeby)	modules/win32perf/Requester/win32perf.pm:
	test(): just run getinfo() in place of doing our own job and doing it bad ...

2004/02/29 15:25:08 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/procs, uxmon/Config/memory, uxmon/Config/load:
	deprecated some more tests

2004/02/29 15:24:52 (aeby)	modules/win32perf/tests.cfg:
	added win32perf_virtualmemory test

2004/02/29 14:25:22 (aeby)	modules/win32perf/tests.cfg, modules/win32perf/module.info, modules/win32perf/Requester/win32perf.pm:
	added win32perf_cpuload test, added CPUperf dependency in module.info

2004/02/29 14:24:30 (aeby)	modules/CPUperf/tests.cfg:
	load test: format %idle with format_percentage()

2004/02/28 18:39:44 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/procs, uxmon/Config/network, uxmon/Config/diskfree:
	deprecated tests

2004/02/28 18:39:18 (aeby)	modules/win32perf/tests.cfg, modules/win32perf/module.info, modules/win32perf/Requester/win32perf.pm:
	added procs and network tests

2004/02/28 18:36:53 (aeby)	modules/snmpnetwork/tests.cfg:
	do some more intelligent padding

2004/02/28 18:36:35 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm:
	pad(): added "w" option to justify string

2004/02/28 18:25:31 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/Requester.pm:
	request(): fixed bad set_cache from getinfo() information

2004/02/28 17:51:27 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/Requester.pm:
	request(): write *all* getinfo results into cache. When getting an undefined
	value return an error if fail_novar() is true, otherwise return an *empty* var

2004/02/27 20:30:26 (aeby)	modules/win32perf/tests.cfg, modules/win32perf/module.info, modules/win32perf/Requester/win32perf.pm:
	added win32 PerfLib support

2004/02/26 22:53:58 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm, uxmon/Monitor/tcp.pm, uxmon/Monitor/PerfLib.pm:
	call poll_sleep() rather than sleep()

2004/02/26 22:52:47 (aeby)	uxmon/uxmon.pl:
	don't ignore SIGINT, call poll_sleep() in the working loop

2004/02/26 22:51:48 (aeby)	tools/module.pl:
	do not ignroe SIGINT

2004/02/26 22:51:30 (aeby)	tools/install32.pl:
	added cygrunsrv and Win32::Daemon support

2004/02/26 22:50:51 (aeby)	tools/CWorker.pm:
	call poll()

2004/02/26 22:50:28 (aeby)	etc/httpd.conf.in:
	added mod_perl stuff

2004/02/26 22:49:40 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm:
	read_graphdefs(): sort by filename (Niels Baggesen)
	save_index(): use poll_sleep() rather than sleep()

2004/02/26 22:48:25 (aeby)	bsmonitor/bsmon.pl:
	do not ignore SIG{INT}, call poll_sleep() in place of sleep(), print
	correct profiling info (Niels Baggesen)

2004/02/26 22:47:16 (aeby)	bstrapd.pl:
	signal handling: do not ignore INT

2004/02/26 22:46:47 (aeby)	bbd.pl:
	do_listen(): call poll() in the loop

2004/02/26 22:46:14 (aeby)	Schedule.pm:
	call poll() in schedule()

2004/02/26 22:45:43 (aeby)	Makefile.in:
	added clean and distclean targets

2004/02/26 22:45:22 (aeby)	IPCFile.pm:
	_nextoutfile(): do actually unlink() the old files found

2004/02/26 22:37:16 (aeby)	platforms/BS_win32.pm, platforms/BS_unix.pm, common.pm:
	common/platforms: moved background() code into go_background()
	BS_unix: fork() and background, BS_win32: if running as a service and
	Win32::Daemon is present try using it ...
	BS_*: added poll() and poll_sleep() stuff

2004/02/26 22:29:06 (aeby)	modules/tcp/tests.cfg:
	fixed comment and name of tcp_smtp (formerly 'tcp_short').

2004/02/26 22:27:08 (aeby)	etc/tests.cfg:
	widened storage Use% column as suggested by Niels Baggesen

2004/02/26 22:24:16 (aeby)	Makefile.in:
	install-skins, install-reporting targets: omit CVS directories as proposed by Niels Baggesen

2004/02/25 14:59:47 (aeby)	bsmonitor/bsmon.pl, bbd.pl, IPCFile.pm:
	use IPCFile rather than RotatingLog for status.log file (this should make
	status.log much more robust on Win32 systems)

2004/01/14 16:40:25 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/HTMLLog.pm:
	read_config(), start(): always register for "statuschange", event(): do not
	drop dupes, statuschange(): accept statuschange and status message for the
	same event. This fixes missing history bug reported by Kai Schaetzl.

2004/01/13 16:49:13 (aeby)	uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl:
	added some debugging code - store uxmon-net.preparsed and uxmon-net.condensed
	in the var directory

2003/11/24 16:23:53 (aeby)	snmp.pm:
	limit the number of oids requested in one request to 20

2003/11/03 17:28:11 (aeby)	Makefile.in:
	install-reporting: [ -f ${DESTDIR}...] (reported by Thorsten Kukuk)

2003/11/03 16:47:26 (aeby)	tools/bb_start.pl:
	changed semantics of uxmon-asroot: run uxmon with config file uxmon-asroot
	if existant (same for uxmon-asroot.*) and with root priviledges, always
	run uxmon-net non-priviledgedledgedledgedledged

2003/11/03 16:46:07 (aeby)	uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl:
	added warning if no display is set

2003/11/03 15:47:37 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/diskfree:
	test_deprecated() call: the test's new name is "disk"

2003/11/03 15:46:39 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm:
	test_deprecated(): try to do a better job printing warning messages

2003/10/26 21:00:00 RELEASE 0.98 c8 (stable)

2003/10/26 21:15:41 (aeby)	etc/uxmon-net.sunos, etc/uxmon-net.linux, etc/uxmon-net:
	added 'users' test to the default uxmon-net files

2003/10/26 21:14:08 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Statusmon.pm, BigSister/BigSister/bswebalarm.pm, platforms/BS_win32.pm, platforms/BS_unix.pm, common.pm:
	removed "warnings" pragmas for backwards compatibility

2003/10/26 20:21:42 (aeby)	etc/tests.cfg, etc/graphtemplates:
	added distinct users perf logging to who_numusers, added graphtemplates
	for numusers

2003/10/26 17:01:30 (aeby)	contrib/release_bigsister:
	include documentation if available

2003/10/26 16:59:35 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm:
	page(): short text uses vars{hour}, vars{min}

2003/10/26 16:56:58 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm:
	page(): format time ("%02d:%02d") as proposed in Bug #818955

2003/10/26 16:54:56 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/logfile.pm:
	set alias hostname for all local host names

2003/10/26 16:54:18 (aeby)	uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl:
	handle fqdns as aliases (Bug #814981)

2003/10/26 16:52:56 (aeby)	tools/MicroTime.pm:
	switch timecall off by default

2003/10/26 16:52:21 (aeby)	platforms/BS_unix.pm:
	hostname(): do not strip FQDN if requested

2003/10/26 16:51:40 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Rsync.pm:
	added some debugging code

2003/10/26 16:50:13 (aeby)	modules/nut/tests.cfg, modules/nut/module.info, modules/nut/graphtemplates, modules/nut/Requester/nut.pm:
	added nut module

2003/10/26 16:48:11 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/SlowRequester.pm:
	added SlowRequester

2003/10/21 20:37:34 (aeby)	common.pm:
	... and of course we must close SAVEERR - otherwise background() will not work

2003/10/21 19:58:17 (aeby)	common.pm:
	proginit(): suppress error output when doing setlogsock() - we do our best
	to catch errors so we don't want them to be printed

2003/10/21 16:36:07 (aeby)	modules/realhttp/tests.cfg, modules/realhttp/Requester/realhttp.pm:
	added extraheaders/extraheadersvalue support (as proposed by Didier Bringer)

2003/10/20 08:45:29 (aeby)	common.pm:
	Syslog: use one of stream, unix, inet (setlogsock())

2003/10/20 08:44:23 (aeby)	etc/etc_resources.in, configure.in, configure:
	test MicroTime.pm and set avoid_gettimeofday_syscall accordingly

2003/10/20 08:09:14 (aeby)	etc/etc_resources.in, etc/etc_resources, configure, configure.in:
	made etc_resources be managed by configure script: renamed to etc_resources.in,
	added to AC_OUTPUT rule

2003/10/20 08:06:53 (aeby)	tools/MicroTime.pm:
	use Time::HiRes if available ... don't use syscall if resources say 'no'

2003/10/19 17:11:43 (aeby)	modules/solSwap/tests.cfg, modules/solSwap/module.info, modules/solSwap/Requester/solswap.pm:
	added solSwap monitor

2003/10/19 17:10:47 (aeby)	modules/sysvsar/module.info, modules/sysvsar/Requester/sysvsar.pm:
	skip empty lines (hope this is ok), version 1.01

2003/10/16 15:29:00 (aeby)	modules/sysvsar/tests.cfg:
	fixed single_value "domain" setting: it's consistently "static", now

2003/10/16 15:28:59 (aeby)	etc/tests.cfg:
	fixed single_value "domain" setting: it's consistently "static", now

2003/10/16 15:10:59 (aeby)	Makefile.in:
	added install-agent target so that we are in sync with the docu

2003/10/15 22:34:07 (aeby)	etc/bigsister.spec.in:
	use -r option with useradd in order to create a system user

2003/10/14 20:15:04 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Statusmon.pm:
	we intentionally called (main::)abort()

2003/09/29 18:13:28 (aeby)	sample/clean/uxmon-net, etc/uxmon-net.sunos, etc/uxmon-net.linux, etc/uxmon-net:
	added Herb Rubin's sample uxmon-net config file and altered the default files

2003/09/29 06:12:24 (aeby)	uxmon/uxmon.pl:
	$Usage is in BigSister::common namespace

2003/09/21 21:00:00 RELEASE 0.98 c7 (stable)

2003/09/21 17:10:00 (aeby)	BigSister/BigSister/Application.pm:
	add configured skin path to skinpath

2003/09/21 16:59:08 (aeby)	skins/default/HISTORY_UPDOWN.inc, skins/default/HISTORY_UP.inc, skins/default/HISTORY_FORM.inc, skins/default/HISTORY_DOWN.inc, bshistory.pl:
	remember selected history detail level (as suggested by Dean Liversidge)

2003/09/21 16:42:37 (aeby)	Makefile.in:
	install-client: output a notice for those directly running install-client
	possibly without install-modules

2003/09/10 21:46:52 (aeby)	etc/uxmon-net:
	added missing host name in DESCR example

2003/09/09 15:42:36 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/DisplayCFG.pm:
	read_file(): fixed read loop: do not endlessly loop if someone calls "next"
	within the loop

2003/09/09 15:40:04 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm:
	create_image(): added "status" dependency since now display maps may also
	directly refer to single checks (Bug #802467, thanks Joerg Fritsch)

2003/09/05 06:44:25 (aeby)	etc/bigsister.spec.in:
	touch *before* skipping

2003/09/05 06:43:28 (aeby)	CHANGES:
	slurped in 0.98b6 changes

2003/09/05 06:34:35 (aeby)	modules/tcp/tests.cfg, modules/ntp/tests.cfg, uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, Schedule.pm:
	added priority (niceness) ordered execution

2003/09/03 18:20:28 (aeby)	skins/techie/styles.css, skins/techie/frame1.proto, skins/techie/BGROUND.inc:
	made skin more Internet Explorer compatible (thanks to Paolo Asioli)

2003/09/03 18:19:34 (aeby)	skins/techie/TEXT_Colour.inc:
	white on white isn't great - text color black

2003/09/02 09:12:11 (aeby)	etc/syslog:
	added linux IDE disk error

2003/08/31 17:00:00 RELEASE 0.98beta6

2003/08/31 15:19:29 (aeby)	version:
	build 2

2003/08/31 15:18:50 (aeby)	skins/techie/frameset_contents.proto, skins/frames/frameset_contents.proto:
	use frame_lamp.sub

2003/08/31 15:08:20 (aeby)	modules/ntp/tests.cfg:
	fixed help texts

2003/08/31 15:05:03 (aeby)	tools/testers.pl:
	added correct XML header/footer, added xml_escape()

2003/08/31 14:45:48 (aeby)	skins/techie/FRAME1_MENUHELP.inc, skins/frames/FRAME1_MENUHELP.inc:
	fixed docu path

2003/08/31 14:41:00 (aeby)	configure.in, configure:
	hmhpf ... checked in before testing ... fixed "last"

2003/08/31 14:38:13 (aeby)	configure.in, configure:
	prefer some directories l...

2003/08/31 14:24:12 (aeby)	version:
	new release ...

2003/08/31 14:18:05 (aeby)	RELEASE_NOTES-0.98b6:
	added 0.98b6 release notes

2003/08/31 13:59:17 (aeby)	Makefile.in:
	help docu installs in depth

2003/08/31 13:53:55 (aeby)	skins/frames/FRAME1_MENUS.inc, skins/techie/FRAME1_MENUS.inc:
	got release of the docu, anyway :-)

2003/08/31 09:33:06 (aeby)	etc/bb-display.cfg:
	added Summaries section header

2003/08/31 09:28:02 (aeby)	skins/techie/FRAME1_MENUS.inc, skins/frames/FRAME1_MENUS.inc:
	help is due for next stable release

2003/08/31 09:28:02 (aeby)	skins/techie/FRAME1_MENUS.inc, skins/frames/FRAME1_MENUS.inc:
	help is due for next stable release

2003/08/30 15:46:13 (aeby)	etc/bigsister.spec.in, configure.in, configure, Makefile.in:
	added man pages / help docu installation code

2003/08/27 13:55:57 (aeby)	modules/etherport/module.info:
	added module.info

2003/08/27 13:53:18 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/realhttp, uxmon/Config/diskfree, uxmon/Config/_tcp:
	added deprecated() status to some tests

2003/08/27 13:50:49 (aeby)	modules/etherport/tests.cfg:
	added etherport test

2003/08/27 13:50:14 (aeby)	tools/testers.pl:
	added "bool" argument type, print valid XML header when emitting xml

2003/08/27 12:44:40 (aeby)	modules/tcp/Requester/tcp.pm:
	do(): recv() may return an empty (but defined) value under some circumstances
	(notably Linux >=2.4.21) - check return value correctly with "defined"

2003/08/27 12:28:39 (aeby)	modules/tcp/Requester/tcp.pm:
	startup(): It's called Platform::bsalarm(), not Platforms::...

2003/08/27 09:05:49 (aeby)	bstrapd.pl, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, bshistory.pl, bbdisp.pm, uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl, tools/bsgraph.pl, bsmonitor/Statusmon/grouping.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/DisplayCFG.pm:
	fixed a few obsolete main' references

2003/08/27 08:23:39 (aeby)	bbd.pl:
	do_listen(): separate_service() has been moved into BigSister::common
	(thanks Dean Liversidge and Michael Gastright for pointing me to this)

2003/08/26 22:46:57 (aeby)	modules/ntp/tests.cfg:
	fixed: single get bewares us from hangs

2003/08/26 22:45:43 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/Requester.pm:
	request(): force setting cache even for variables not set in info

2003/08/26 21:49:57 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/ntp:
	old-style ntp test is now deprecated

2003/08/26 21:49:27 (aeby)	modules/ntp/tests.cfg, modules/ntp/module.info, modules/ntp/graphtemplates, modules/ntp/Requester/ntptrace.pm:
	implemented ntp test as a new-style test

2003/08/26 21:48:30 (aeby)	modules/procs/Requester/procs.pm:
	getinfo(): init info->{0}

2003/08/26 21:47:52 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm:
	added test_deprecated(): outdated config scripts should call it

2003/08/26 21:47:05 (aeby)	skins/techie/styles.css, skins/default/history_entry.proto, skins/default/history.proto, skins/default/HISTORY_FORM.inc, bshistory.pl:
	improved history table style, support for selecting detail level

2003/08/25 16:44:38 (aeby)	platforms/BS_unix.pm:
	(Bug #451555): leave hostname as it is

2003/08/25 16:41:30 (aeby)	configure.in, configure:
	secure --with-url="/"

2003/08/25 15:29:27 (aeby)	modules/tcp/Requester/tcp.pm:
	added "imap" port to %known_ports

2003/08/25 15:28:50 (aeby)	contrib/release_bigsister:
	use fakeroot for creating the tar

2003/08/25 15:28:17 (aeby)	contrib/Makedoc.pl:
	common.pm link

2003/08/25 15:27:16 (aeby)	tools/testers.pl:
	finished xml stuff

2003/08/25 15:26:30 (aeby)	modules/tcp/tests.cfg, modules/sysvsar/tests.cfg, modules/snmpnetwork/tests.cfg, modules/lxNetwork/tests.cfg, etc/tests.cfg:
	cleaned up description and arguments stuff, added shortcuts for tcp services

2003/08/25 15:11:31 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/HTMLLog.pm:
	statuschanged(): strip off the entire string after &html - not only up
	to the next newline

2003/08/25 07:31:37 (aeby)	skins/techie/lamp.sub, skins/techie/frame_lamp.sub, skins/frames/frame_lamp.sub, skins/compactmenu/frameset_contents.proto:
	renamed lamp.sub to frame_lamp.sub

2003/08/24 19:51:06 (aeby)	etc/etc_resources, etc/bb-display.cfg:
	changed default skin to "techie"

2003/08/24 19:50:09 (aeby)	skins/twocolumn/template.proto, skins/bsdoc/frameset.proto, skins/bsdoc/frame3.proto, skins/webadmin/admin.proto, skins/bsdoc/frame1.proto:
	cleaning up for new skin

2003/08/24 19:48:52 (aeby)	skins/compactmenu/frameset_section.proto, skins/compactmenu/frameset_contents.proto, skins/compactmenu/CONTENTS_HEAD.inc, skins/compactmenu/CONTENTS_FOOT.inc:
	added compactmenus helper skin

2003/08/24 19:41:57 (aeby)	skins/techie/yellow_framed.gif, skins/techie/white_framed.gif, skins/techie/test.html, skins/techie/table.proto, skins/techie/styles.css, skins/techie/red_framed.gif, skins/techie/purple_framed.gif, skins/techie/pix1.gif, skins/techie/pantop.png, skins/techie/pantop.jpg, skins/techie/pantop.gif, skins/techie/panmid.png, skins/techie/panmid.jpg, skins/techie/panmid.gif, skins/techie/panbott.png, skins/techie/panbott.jpg, skins/techie/panbott.gif, skins/techie/lamp.sub, skins/techie/green_framed.gif, skins/techie/full.xcf, skins/techie/full.png, skins/techie/frameset_section.proto, skins/techie/frameset_contents.proto, skins/techie/frameset.proto, skins/techie/frame3.proto, skins/techie/frame2.proto, skins/techie/frame1.proto, skins/techie/clear_framed.gif, skins/techie/blue_framed.gif, skins/techie/bground.jpg, skins/techie/alarm.proto, skins/techie/PAGE_TOP.inc, skins/techie/META_HEADER.inc, skins/techie/MENU.sub, skins/techie/FRAME_BACKGROUND.inc, skins/techie/FRAME1_MENUS.inc, skins/techie/FRAME1_MENUHISTORY.inc, skins/techie/FRAME1_MENUHELP.inc, skins/techie/FRAME1_MENUALARM.inc, skins/techie/FRAME1_MENUADMIN.inc, skins/techie/DOCUMENT_HEADER.inc, skins/techie/CONTENTS_HEAD.inc, skins/techie/CONTENTS_FOOT.inc, skins/techie/BGROUND.inc:
	added "techie" skin

2003/08/24 19:39:27 (aeby)	skins/frames/FRAME1_MENUS.inc, skins/frames/FRAME1_MENUHELP.inc:
	added Help link

2003/08/24 19:37:33 (aeby)	skins/frames/frameset_section.proto, skins/frames/frameset_contents.proto, skins/frames/frameset.proto, skins/frames/frame3.proto, skins/frames/frame2.proto, skins/frames/frame1.proto, skins/frames/FRAME1_MENUS.inc, skins/frames/CONTENTS_HEAD.inc, skins/frames/CONTENTS_FOOT.inc:
	some cleaning up in order to get ready for the new default skin
	 - put menus in a separate file
	 - added %Section support
	 - cleaned up overall contents frame stuff

2003/08/24 19:35:34 (aeby)	skins/default/template.proto, skins/default/loghtml_text.proto, skins/default/loghtml.proto, skins/default/image_map.proto, skins/default/history.proto, skins/default/graph_space.proto, skins/default/graph_page.proto, skins/default/graph_index.proto, skins/default/alarm.proto, skins/default/WEBROOT.inc, skins/default/ALARM_LEGEND.inc:
	some cleaning up in order to get ready for the new default skin

2003/08/24 19:33:55 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/DisplayCFG.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, CONFIG:
	added %Section statement

2003/08/24 19:33:22 (aeby)	tools/testers.pl:
	added XML output stuff

2003/08/24 19:31:08 (aeby)	etc/syslog:
	added the Debian way of mail logging

2003/08/20 17:12:58 (aeby)	modules/procs/tests.cfg, etc/tests.cfg:
	made features lists more consistent

2003/08/20 17:09:06 (aeby)	modules/procs/tests.cfg, etc/tests.cfg:
	fixed features orders

2003/08/20 14:25:57 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/grouping.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/DisplayCFG.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, CONFIG:
	added implementation for %Autojoin pattern, %Itemgroup, %select_items
	and %select_names bb-display.cfg statements:

2003/08/17 14:34:39 (aeby)	modules/snmpnetwork/tests.cfg:
	added description

2003/08/17 14:33:10 (aeby)	tools/testers.pl:
	added manpage generation support

2003/08/17 14:31:17 (aeby)	modules/snmpprocs/tests.cfg:
	added community argumentx

2003/08/12 22:25:49 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm:
	create_table: added "=" %selector

2003/08/12 22:19:54 (aeby)	skins/default/graph_index.proto:
	also include META_HEADER.inc

2003/08/12 22:19:33 (aeby)	skins/default/template.proto:
	<P> requires an end tag now

2003/08/12 22:18:58 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/CommandWatchRequester.pm:
	fixed erroneously corrupted indenting

2003/08/12 22:17:38 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/HTMLLog.pm, bbdisp.pm:
	bbdisp.pm: moved write_html_status() into Statusmon::HTMLLog.pm
	HTMLLog.pm: added extract_log() method, moved statuschange code in an extra
	method, added history storage/recovery code

2003/08/12 22:15:44 (aeby)	symbolic_links, skins/default/loghtml_historyline.proto, skins/default/loghtml.proto:
	added support for history logging

2003/08/11 16:20:40 (aeby)	skins/default/mailalarm_ack.proto:
	fixed bad TD end tag (thanks to Brent Parish)

2003/08/11 15:07:03 (aeby)	modules/sysvsar/tests.cfg:
	added "default_command" and "sarcommand" import, added True64 tests using
	another set of sar options

2003/08/11 13:08:04 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/WatchRequester.pm:
	removed superfluous debugging code

2003/08/11 13:07:29 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/CommandWatchRequester.pm:
	package name: Requester::CommandWatchRequester (*bad* typo ...)
	added request() method reading command optionally from test def
	added some debugging output

2003/08/11 12:35:41 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm:
	quit_gracefully(): explicitly call Requester::Requester::preexit() in order to
	help Perl's garbage collector collecting garbage

2003/08/11 12:29:38 (aeby)	tools/bb_start.pl:
	shutdown uxmon *before* bbd so that uxmon gets a chance to resign

2003/08/11 12:29:06 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm:
	quit_gracefully(): added some debugging output

2003/08/11 12:28:27 (aeby)	uxmon/uxmon.pl:
	quit_gracefully(): added some debugging output

2003/08/11 12:28:06 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/CommandWatchRequester.pm:
	abort_sensor(): some debugging output

2003/08/11 12:24:02 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/Requester.pm:
	introduced preexit() procedure and END{} block: clear %domain_handlers list
	on shutdown in order to not prevent the garbage collector to gracefully destroy

2003/08/10 17:00:00 RELEASE 0.98beta5

2003/08/10 14:57:02 (aeby)	common.pm:
	check for UTF-8 language setting

2003/08/10 14:47:53 (aeby)	bscgi.pm:
	mainloop(): do only parse command line arguments if -d switch is there

2003/08/09 23:00:00 RELEASE 0.98beta4

2003/08/09 11:35:40 (aeby)	version, etc/bigsister.spec.in:
	work arounc %config using time stamps, build number increment

2003/08/09 08:49:48 (aeby)	contrib/Makedoc.pl:
	handle common.pm correctly

2003/08/09 08:36:24 (aeby)	contrib/release_bigsister:
	not necessary to create dir before doing the export

2003/08/09 08:34:52 (aeby)	contrib/Makedoc.pl:
	fixed bsmonitor call

2003/08/09 08:34:14 (aeby)	install.sh:
	ignore some warnings

2003/08/09 08:33:29 (aeby)	CHANGES.PLAINTEXT:
	release date of 0.98b4

2003/08/09 08:17:14 (aeby)	version:
	build 2 ...

2003/08/08 22:40:23 (aeby)	Makefile.in:
	rpm rule: build source package as well

2003/08/08 22:30:33 (aeby)	etc/syslog:
	removed "error" pattern from maillog

2003/08/08 22:28:26 (aeby)	etc/uxmon-net.sunos:
	added default uxmon-net file for Solaris

2003/08/08 06:34:46 (aeby)	etc/bigsister.spec.in, Makefile.in:
	.spec: add cron dir to bigsister-server package
	Makefile.in: create cron dir if not already existant

2003/08/08 06:29:46 (aeby)	configure.in, configure:
	savelogs cron job: I think, cron.weekly is the right location

2003/08/07 21:37:54 (aeby)	etc/cron.bigsister_logs, configure.in, configure, Makefile.in:
	added etc/cron.bigsister_logs and configure/install code

2003/08/07 07:42:07 (aeby)	etc/uxmon-net:
	added commented out DESCR

2003/08/07 07:40:06 (aeby)	configure.in, configure, Makefile.in, etc/uxmon-net.linux:
	added etc/uxmon-net.linux, configure.in: support for system type,
	Makefile.in: install uxmon-net.systemtype if available

2003/08/06 21:53:09 (aeby)	RELEASE_NOTES-0.98b4:
	*** empty log message ***

2003/08/06 21:21:22 (aeby)	tools/bb_start.pl:
	action(): do a killem( "TERM" ) within the "still running" loop

2003/08/06 21:20:22 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, display_map.pm, RELEASE_NOTES-0.98b4, CONFIG:
	added support for directly addressing host.check / group.check in "at" and
	"line" statements of image maps.
	display_map.pm: added get_status() method, "at" and "line" call get_status()
	Display.pm: create_image(): tooltip falls back to group / host name if no title is defined

2003/08/06 17:02:48 (aeby)	skins/default/alarm_entry.sub:
	include link to html status page

2003/08/06 17:01:46 (aeby)	skins/default/graph_page.proto:
	show a little bit more explanations

2003/08/06 17:00:38 (aeby)	tools/module.pl, Makefile.in:
	introduced -f option, in Makefile: install modules with -f

2003/08/06 15:49:02 (aeby)	RELEASE_NOTES-0.98b4, CHANGES.PLAINTEXT, CHANGES:

2003/08/06 15:10:36 (aeby)	version:
	new version info

2003/08/06 15:00:14 (aeby)	tools/bsadmin.pl:
	added disable/enable commands

2003/08/06 09:01:56 (aeby)	etc/bigsister.spec.in, Makefile.in:
	force re-generation of graph indexes by removing www/graphs/*.html

2003/08/05 20:21:27 (aeby)	modules/snmpnetwork/tests.cfg:
	monitor{}: set values to 0 if we see a counter overflow

2003/08/05 20:20:14 (aeby)	tools/bsgraph.pl, skins/default/graph_space.proto, skins/default/graph_page.proto, skins/default/graph_index_entry.proto, skins/default/graph_index.proto:
	added support for multiple graphs on the same page

2003/08/05 20:18:44 (aeby)	bscgi.pm:
	mainloop: accept multi-valued parameters and store them in cgivars{\@name}

2003/08/05 14:02:21 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/rpc.pm:
	new(): socket should be put in binary mode

2003/08/05 00:04:00 (aeby)	HOWTO:
	added section about test negation

2003/08/04 23:49:25 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm:
	new(): ignore leading "!" in $args->{"name"}
	newfrom(): set "invert" from leading "!" existance
	execute_rule(): call invert_color() for all status color reports
	invert_color(): new function inverting status color if "invert" is set

2003/08/04 17:49:24 (aeby)	modules/snmpnetwork/tests.cfg:
	introduced "speed" argument overriding values read via SNMP

2003/08/04 17:49:01 (aeby)	modules/lxNetwork/tests.cfg:
	"speed" argument's type is kbitrate

2003/08/04 17:47:41 (aeby)	tools/testers.pl:
	added new data type "kbitrate"

2003/08/04 17:47:21 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm:
	input_kbsize(): strip trailing /s (Byte- or bitrates)

2003/08/04 17:23:12 (aeby)	modules/lxNetwork/tests.cfg, modules/lxNetwork/module.info, modules/lxNetwork/Requester/lxNetwork.pm:
	added support for linux /proc/net/dev

2003/08/02 17:55:59 (aeby)	display_map.pm:
	create(): purple color is rgb(255,0,255)

2003/08/02 17:52:08 (aeby)	NEWAGENT:
	fixed typo

2003/08/02 17:50:29 (aeby)	tools/testers.pl:
	check result of newfrom() (may now return undef), default mode when used
	with -f or -t arguments is "tests"

2003/08/02 17:37:29 (aeby)	modules/vmstat/tests.cfg, modules/vmstat/Requester/vmstat.pm:
	introduced working available() and precheck methods

2003/08/02 17:27:12 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/procMeminfo.pm, etc/tests.cfg:
	added working "available" and precheck implementations for procMeminfo

2003/08/02 17:23:27 (aeby)	common.pm:
	removed useless debugging code

2003/08/02 17:22:38 (aeby)	modules/sysvsar/tests.cfg, modules/sysvsar/Requester/sysvsar.pm:
	a few overall changes in order to make sysvsar module usable

2003/08/02 17:21:16 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/Requester.pm:
	introduced available() and command_available() methods

2003/08/02 17:20:37 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm:
	introduced func_domain_available() function, "precheck" block in testers,
	test_available variable in tests

2003/08/02 16:15:01 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm:
	format_kbsize(): ignore non-numerical arguments

2003/08/02 14:26:37 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm:
	compute_next(): use foreach() rather than while...each in order to keep the
	order of values intact
	compute(): define static arrays outside of the compute() method

2003/08/01 23:13:01 (aeby)	modules/sysvsar/tests.cfg:
	fixed disk load test

2003/08/01 23:11:53 (aeby)	modules/sysvsar/graphtemplates:
	added graph for disk load

2003/08/01 22:29:40 (aeby)	modules/sysvsar/Requester/sysvsar.pm, modules/sysvsar/tests.cfg, modules/sysvsar/module.info:
	added sysvsar sensors

2003/08/01 22:28:41 (aeby)	modules/vmstat/tests.cfg:
	features: include "unix" as we won't meet vmstat on non-Unix systems.
	re-formated spaces/tabs

2003/08/01 22:27:08 (aeby)	modules/CPUperf/graphtemplates:
	added a few more graphs

2003/08/01 22:26:24 (aeby)	etc/tests.cfg:
	single_var: report "clear" if a test fails just after starting up

2003/07/31 14:05:45 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm:
	event(): remove alarms related with a host/check we are getting a "remove" event for

2003/07/31 14:05:10 (aeby)	bsmonitor/bsmon.pl:
	decode(): fixed "remove" implementation

2003/07/31 14:04:25 (aeby)	bbd.pl:
	remove command: accept '.' in host names

2003/07/31 12:49:49 (aeby)	bbd.pl:
	parse_line(): leave host * => do an implicit remove host.*

2003/07/27 13:02:36 (aeby)	display_map.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm:
	display_map: added cfg() method
	Statusmon::Display::create_page(): eval{} around create_image in order to
	catch fatal GD errors

2003/07/27 12:37:51 (aeby)	skins/default/mailalarm_ack.proto, skins/default/mailalarm.sub, bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm:
	page(): set "toaddress" variable so that skins get a chance to explicitly refer
	to the target mail address
	skins: mailalarm* now sets "To:" header field

2003/07/27 12:07:11 (aeby)	display_map.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm:
	display_map: create(): line: also add lines to map array, check coordinates
	before using them
	Statusmon::Display - create_image(): added support for lines, added title= attribute

2003/07/16 20:00:26 (aeby)	common.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, display_map.pm:
	fixed image path handling, added fs{www} as an alias for fs{web} (makes
	find_path() work correctly) (Bug #760796)

2003/07/14 19:19:11 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/logfile.pm, uxmon/Config/logfile, uxmon/Config/diskload:
	added support for host aliases (Bug #761083)

2003/07/11 13:08:52 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/cpuload.pm:
	(Andreas Jordan): fixed top usage: the first time top is called it does not
	report correct CPU usage

2003/06/19 12:57:39 (aeby)	modules/realhttp/Requester/realhttp.pm, modules/realhttp/tests.cfg:
	added "noredirect" attribute as suggested by Didier Bringer

2003/04/23 21:31:12 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm:
	went through pattern matches: do a case invariant match if searching for a-z,
	more flexible pager:address match (allow everything besides ":" in pager names/paths)

2003/04/07 19:15:32 (aeby)	tools/module.pl:
	install_module(): fixed translation of bin/etc/adm directories,
	create moduleinfo directory if it does not exist
	(Susanne Ruppel)

2003/04/07 17:44:34 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/oracle.pm:
	connect()-ing to Oracle: no driver name if data source is given (thanks to
	Mahesh Subramanya, Bug #711603)

2003/03/23 18:18:49 (aeby)	modules/tcp/graphtemplates, modules/realhttp/graphtemplates, modules/procs/graphtemplates:
	use patterns for input-var indexes

2003/03/23 18:18:08 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm:
	added enrich() and recalibrate() methods as well as calls invoking them at
	the right places. A few other fixes enabling dynamic graph re-assignment.

2003/03/20 07:15:09 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Statusmon.pm:
	loopback(): decode is *not* in common.pm - it's really in the main bsmonitor

2003/03/19 22:11:15 (aeby)	modules/tcp/graphtemplates, modules/realhttp/graphtemplates, modules/procs/graphtemplates:
	fixed wrong indexes

2003/03/19 15:21:18 (aeby)	modules/procs/graphtemplates, etc/graphtemplates:
	fixed a few bugs in graphtemplates (thanks to Peter Meszaros)

2003/03/12 23:20:16 (aeby)	Makefile.in:
	fixed typo - funny enough it took 4 months until someone complained

2003/03/02 17:37:53 (aeby)	BigSister/BigSister/bswebalarm.pm, BigSister/BigSister/Application.pm:
	added BigSister BigSWAF core

2003/03/02 17:35:55 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/df.pm, uxmon/Requester/Requester.pm, uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm, uxmon/Monitor/tcp.pm, uxmon/Monitor/syslog.pm, uxmon/Monitor/statusfile.pm, uxmon/Monitor/snmp_trap.pm, uxmon/Monitor/snmp.pm, uxmon/Monitor/sendmail.pm, uxmon/Monitor/sar.pm, uxmon/Monitor/rpc_ping.pm, uxmon/Monitor/realhttp.pm, uxmon/Monitor/radius.pm, uxmon/Monitor/qmqueue.pm, uxmon/Monitor/procs.pm, uxmon/Monitor/ping.pm, uxmon/Monitor/oracle.pm, uxmon/Monitor/mrtg.pm, uxmon/Monitor/metastat.pm, uxmon/Monitor/logfile.pm, uxmon/Monitor/ldap_mozilla.pm, uxmon/Monitor/ldap.pm, uxmon/Monitor/fs.pm, uxmon/Monitor/eventlog.pm, uxmon/Monitor/etherport.pm, uxmon/Monitor/dumpdates.pm, uxmon/Monitor/cpuload.pm, uxmon/Monitor/cmd.pm, uxmon/Monitor/bbscript.pm, uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm, uxmon/Monitor/atmport.pm, uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, uxmon/uxmon.pl, uxmon/uxmon-rules.pl, uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl, uxmon/Monitor/PerfLib.pm, uxmon/Monitor/OV.pm, uxmon/Monitor/Monitor.pm, uxmon/Monitor/Evaluator.pm, uxmon/Config/tester, uxmon/Config/sendmail, uxmon/Config/qmqueue, uxmon/Config/ping, uxmon/Config/oracle, uxmon/Config/logfile, uxmon/Config/dns, uxmon/Config/diskfree, uxmon/Config/cpuload, uxmon/Config/_storage, uxmon/Config/_snmp, tools/testers.pl, tools/smtpmail.pl, tools/page_meridian.pl, tools/module.pl, tools/install32.pl, tools/cfgfile.pm, tools/bsgraph.pl, tools/bsadmin.pl, tools/bbecho.pl, tools/bb_start.pl, tools/CmdWorker.pm, tools/CheckSig.pm, skins/default/WEBROOT.inc, sample/rules.pl, reporting/report_read.pl, reporting/report_day.pl, reporting/report_consolidate.pl, reporting/Reader/StatusDB.pm, reporting/Reader/ManualOverride.pm, reporting/Reader/DisplayHistory.pm, reporting/Reader/Dependency.pm, reporting/Reader/Cumulator.pm, platforms/Platforms.pm, platforms/BS_win32.pm, platforms/BS_unix.pm, modules/tcp/Requester/tcp.pm, modules/realhttp/Requester/realhttp.pm, modules/procs/Requester/procs.pm, snmp.pm, deprecated/notify.pl, deprecated/log_mail.pl, contrib/host_probe.pl, bsmonitor/bsmon.pl, bsmonitor/Statusmon/history.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/grouping.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/TrackLast.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Statusmon.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Rsync.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/RRDs.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/HTMLLog.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/DisplayCFG.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/BBLog.pm, display_map.pm, compile_skin.pl, common.pm, bswebalarm.pl, bswebadmin.pl, bstrapd.pl, bshistory.pl, bscgi.pm, bbdisp.pm, bbd.pl, bb_stop32.pl, bb_start32.pl, access.pm, Schedule.pm, RotatingLog.pm, Makefile.in, CHANGES:
	made "common.pm" a true module with package BigSister::common, all global
	variables are now in package BigSister::common

2003/02/21 10:33:42 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/grouping.pm:
	recompute(): fixed typo in setting oldstatuscode ... (thanks to Peter Meszaros)

2003/02/07 16:16:02 (aeby)	modules/vmstat/tests.cfg:
	removed mal-placed variable initialization

2003/02/07 16:07:13 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm:
	compile(): do not try to interprete patterns like "host.test" as "status
	for host.test" - just interprete it as a string (Bug #682328)

2003/02/04 17:07:20 (aeby)	etc/tests.cfg:
	added snmp_anyvar test (Gilles Massen)

2003/01/17 10:41:41 (aeby)	modules/vmstat/tests.cfg, modules/vmstat/module.info, modules/vmstat/Requester/vmstat.pm, modules/CPUperf/tests.cfg, modules/CPUperf/module.info, modules/CPUperf/graphtemplates:
	added vmstat and (base)CPUperf modules

2003/01/17 10:39:42 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/WatchRequester.pm, uxmon/Requester/CommandWatchRequester.pm:
	added WatchRequester stuff

2003/01/17 10:39:13 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/Requester.pm:
	Scheduler sets sched_minute, *not* sched_time

2003/01/13 09:30:49 (aeby)	skins/default/mailalarm_ack.proto, skins/default/mailalarm.sub:
	fixed bad MIME headers (thanks to Dean Liversidge)

2003/01/10 09:00:40 (aeby)	tools/bb_start.pl:
	killem(): also recognize process names like "bsmon (perl)" (Bug #663597, goes
	hand in hand with modification in common.pm)
	setuid() stuff: bstrapd will be running as root, too

2003/01/10 08:58:57 (aeby)	common.pm:
	try to set our process' name ($0) during startup (Bug #663597)

2003/01/03 15:06:20 (aeby)	etc/bigsister.spec.in, version:
	rpm spec: include /usr/sbin/ programs, increased build number

2002/12/24 22:14:53 (aeby)	Makefile.in:
	do not use "-b" option together with BIGSISTER_CHROOT for compile_skin

2002/12/24 21:45:20 (aeby)	CHANGES:
	latest changes

2002/12/24 23:00:00 RELEASE 0.98beta3

2002/12/24 21:42:33 (aeby)	Makefile.in:
	set user write permissions on etc/resources file

2002/12/24 21:39:51 (aeby)	etc/bigsister.spec.in:
	added support for DOC_DIR

2002/12/24 21:39:31 (aeby)	configure.in, configure:
	added install-doc target, DOC_DIR support

2002/12/24 21:14:13 (aeby)	README.rpm:
	added cross-reference to INSTALL docu

2002/12/24 10:16:15 (aeby)	version, README:
	we call this version 0.98beta, 0.98b3 resp.

2002/12/19 00:03:19 (aeby)	install.sh:
	exit with an error code != 0 if file copy fails

2002/12/18 23:48:58 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/sar.pm:
	check(): when parsing devices: do not shift @values, otherwise we get out of
	sync with names ... (Bug #589431, Peter McCormack)

2002/12/18 23:36:48 (aeby)	Q+A:
	diskperf stuff: added hint about Performance Logs and Alerts service
	(Bug #566832, Michael Schmidt)

2002/12/18 23:02:07 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm:
	perfdata_resolve(): remove uxmon_variables file before overwriting it
	(VMS issue, Bug #523406, Simon Clift)

2002/12/18 22:52:11 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/logfile:
	pass on %args to newly created monitors (Bug #529438, Simon Clift)

2002/12/18 22:24:50 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/cpuload.pm:
	check(): when parsing top output know that top message might be something
	like ".... n users" as well as ".... 1 user" (Bug #596848, Stefan Seyfried)

2002/12/18 22:20:13 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/logfile.pm:
	determine list of local host's names on startup => @hostnames, in normalize_host():
	call a host $uxmon::hostname if $source matches any of the local hostnames
	(related to Bug #596850, Stefan Seyfried)

2002/12/18 21:53:56 (aeby)	config_links:
	added ssh and telnet links (Bug #596851, Stefan Seyfried)

2002/12/18 21:49:22 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/_snmp:
	do not declare shared variables with "my"

2002/12/18 21:39:13 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/oracle, uxmon/Monitor/oracle.pm:
	respect host alias setting (Bug #613231, Ronan-Yann Lorin)

2002/12/17 18:16:39 (aeby)	display_map.pm:
	create(): "dump" code: set $file from @args *before* processing the file name

2002/12/17 17:51:53 (aeby)	skins/default/mailalarm.sub:
	altered multiline content-type into a single-line one (less compatibility
	issues ...)

2002/12/17 17:32:48 (aeby)	tools/bb_start.pl:
	run_cmd() / main program: store error messages from run_cmd in @messages
	and print them after the action() call (so that output does look less ugly)

2002/12/16 21:51:27 (aeby)	etc/etc_resources:
	use structured_bg skin by default

2002/12/16 21:46:57 (aeby)	tools/module.pl:
	when lock fails: output name of the failing lock file

2002/12/16 21:46:02 (aeby)	common.pm:
	added support for the BIGSISTER_CHROOT environment variable
	(used during the installation by the make process)

2002/12/16 21:42:02 (aeby)	etc/httpd.conf.in:
	added default httpd.conf file

2002/12/16 17:58:53 (aeby)	install-sh:
	added BSD'ish install script (GNU autoconf)

2002/10/09 11:57:46 (aeby)	skins/default/mailalarm_ack.proto:
	fixed missing ; in MIME header

2002/08/29 09:51:10 (aeby)	etc/tests.cfg:
	added aix disk monitor

2002/08/29 09:47:41 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/df.pm, uxmon/Config/diskfree:
	added AIX df variation (df -k -I) (Susann Heymann)

2002/05/06 20:49:17 (aeby)	bsmonitor/bsmon.pl, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, Schedule.pm:
	added profiling support

2002/05/06 20:48:48 (aeby)	tools/MicroTime.pm:
	difftime(): use current time as default 2nd argument

2002/05/06 20:47:04 (aeby)	skins/default/table_button.proto:
	eliminated subroutine call

2002/05/06 20:46:23 (aeby)	bbdisp.pm:
	_replace_vars(): use index()/substr() in preference to regular expressions

2002/05/02 15:47:05 (aeby)	modules/snmpprocs/tests.cfg, modules/snmpprocs/module.info:
	added procsname test

2002/04/28 17:44:40 (aeby)	modules/tcp/tests.cfg, modules/realhttp/tests.cfg, modules/procs/tests.cfg:
	"export" now expects a "," after the name of the performance variable

2002/04/28 17:43:55 (aeby)	modules/snmpnetwork/tests.cfg, modules/snmpnetwork/module.info, modules/snmpnetwork/graphtemplates:
	introduced SNMP "network" test

2002/04/28 17:42:40 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm:
	compute() now can compute multiple expressions separated by a separator
	token (endmarker) at once.
	"export" command: expect name and values to be separated by ",". This way
	we do not destroy index values!
	compute_one(): special case: single value OPERATOR single value
	ex_expand(): preserve index

2002/04/28 17:37:16 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/TrackLast.pm:
	run(): status times out if expiry time is reached - silly bug

2002/04/28 15:47:24 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/bbscript.pm:
	removed superfluous "}" introduced in December (thanks to Andreas Jordan)

2002/04/22 21:41:34 (aeby)	tools/cfgfile.pm:
	require common so that we find BigSister::common::find_file()

2002/04/22 21:41:06 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm:
	raise(): support "up=never" => never clear such an alarm automatically

2002/04/15 23:00:00 RELEASE 0.98alpha2

2002/04/15 20:20:03 (aeby)	etc/bb-display.cfg, bsmonitor/Statusmon/DisplayCFG.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, bigsister/etc/bb-display.cfg, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/DisplayCFG.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, bigsister/CONFIG, CONFIG:
	added %select directive to bb-display.cfg
	  - DisplayCFG: accept %select
	  - Display: create_table: apply %select
	  - etc/bb-display.cfg: added "Problem Hosts" status page

2002/04/15 19:54:31 (aeby)	bigsister/bbdisp.pm, bbdisp.pm:
	added some diagnostics

2002/04/15 18:15:28 (aeby)	modules/realhttp/tests.cfg, modules/realhttp/module.info, modules/realhttp/graphtemplates, modules/realhttp/Requester/realhttp.pm, bigsister/modules/realhttp/tests.cfg, bigsister/modules/realhttp/module.info, bigsister/modules/realhttp/graphtemplates, bigsister/modules/realhttp/Requester/realhttp.pm:
	initial revision

2002/04/15 18:15:28 (aeby)	modules/realhttp/tests.cfg, modules/realhttp/module.info, modules/realhttp/graphtemplates, modules/realhttp/Requester/realhttp.pm, bigsister/modules/realhttp/tests.cfg, bigsister/modules/realhttp/module.info, bigsister/modules/realhttp/graphtemplates, bigsister/modules/realhttp/Requester/realhttp.pm:
	Initial revision

2002/04/11 20:06:25 (aeby)	etc/bb-display.cfg, bsmonitor/Statusmon/DisplayCFG.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, bigsister/etc/bb-display.cfg, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/DisplayCFG.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, bigsister/CONFIG, CONFIG:
	create_table(): respect %sort configuration (compute sort key appropriately),
	read_file(): interprete %sort directive

2002/04/11 17:49:30 (aeby)	tools/module.pl, bigsister/tools/module.pl:
	just changed error message

2002/04/11 17:49:00 (aeby)	contrib/webize.pl, contrib/Makedoc.pl, bigsister/contrib/webize.pl, bigsister/contrib/Makedoc.pl:
	*** empty log message ***

2002/04/11 17:44:56 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm:
	create_page(): only look for a template if template name is set

2002/04/11 17:42:49 (aeby)	modules/tcp/Requester/tcp.pm, bigsister/modules/tcp/Requester/tcp.pm:
	use MicroTime module to determine service response time

2002/04/11 17:42:05 (aeby)	tools/MicroTime.pm, bigsister/tools/MicroTime.pm, bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	added MicroTime module

2002/04/09 08:20:01 (aeby)	bigsister/CONFIG, CONFIG:
	fixed adm/permissions section

2002/04/09 07:27:03 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/snmp.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/snmp.pm:
	fixed typo in snmp.pm

2002/04/06 15:45:39 (aeby)	common.pm, bigsister/common.pm:
	find_file() / myglob(): return first matching file in a scalar context, a list
	of matching files, otherwise

2002/04/05 14:31:43 (aeby)	bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	run bsmodule in "quiet" (-q) mode

2002/04/05 14:27:16 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm:
	load_file(): lf_parse() will only parse the configuration file, the class
	initialization is now done in lf_init_class called in a loop after lf_parse()
	(so that load order is not relevant any more)

2002/04/04 13:10:38 (aeby)	tools/Tar.pm, bigsister/tools/Tar.pm:
	before chdir()-ing: turn paths into absolute paths

2002/04/04 12:59:53 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm:
	bad reference to non-existing variable $host fixed

2002/03/28 21:24:51 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/cpuload.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/cpuload.pm:
	run top -n 1 in place of top -n1 (more compatible)

2002/03/20 16:25:59 (aeby)	bigsister/alpha/trapd.pl, ........
	removed obsolete files

2002/03/20 20:00:00 RELEASE 0.98alpha

2002/03/20 14:22:54 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/RRDs.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/RRDs.pm, bsmonitor/bsmon.cfg, bigsister/bsmonitor/bsmon.cfg:
	RRDs.pm: only take "rrd" providership if RRDs module is present
	bsmon.cfg: use RRDs in preference to RRDi but fall back to RRDi if RRDs is unavailable

2002/03/20 12:56:40 (aeby)	graphtemplates, etc/graphtemplates, bigsister/graphtemplates, bigsister/etc/graphtemplates, bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	moved graphtemplates into the "etc" directory

2002/03/20 12:55:32 (aeby)	bigsister/README, bigsister/INSTALL, README, INSTALL:
	moved installation instructions into a separate file

2002/03/20 12:40:49 (aeby)	configure, bigsister/configure:
	use correct --with-(x) with correct (x)

2002/03/20 12:40:22 (aeby)	configure.in, bigsister/configure.in:
	use correct --with-(x) with correct (x) :-)

2002/03/20 12:04:38 (aeby)	skins/default/graph_page.proto, bigsister/skins/default/graph_page.proto:
	extended graph pages title by the host name

2002/03/20 12:02:06 (aeby)	modules/tcp/graphtemplates, modules/procs/graphtemplates, bigsister/modules/tcp/graphtemplates, bigsister/modules/procs/graphtemplates:
	unit-label and legend ...

2002/03/20 09:49:51 (aeby)	modules/tcp/tests.cfg, bigsister/modules/tcp/tests.cfg:
	do not include id in performance data

2002/03/20 08:19:02 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm:
	when creating a graph immediately update the index file ...

2002/03/19 22:46:50 (aeby)	modules/tcp/Requester/tcp.pm, bigsister/modules/tcp/Requester/tcp.pm:
	late night mistakes: call $self->startup() in do(), not $self->{"startup"}

2002/03/19 22:35:49 (aeby)	modules/tcp/graphtemplates, bigsister/modules/tcp/graphtemplates:
	removed stray erroneous string

2002/03/19 22:33:59 (aeby)	modules/tcp/Requester/tcp.pm, bigsister/modules/tcp/Requester/tcp.pm:
	do(): when calling startup() return - so that we get called the next time
	after a select() call

2002/03/19 22:19:40 (aeby)	modules/tcp/Requester/tcp.pm, bigsister/modules/tcp/Requester/tcp.pm:
	report response time as -1 if service failed

2002/03/19 22:00:39 (aeby)	tools/bb_start.pl, bigsister/tools/bb_start.pl:
	hmh ... ommit setreuid()

2002/03/19 21:54:29 (aeby)	modules/tcp/tests.cfg, bigsister/modules/tcp/tests.cfg:
	accept perf argument in tcp_TCP tests

2002/03/19 21:47:20 (aeby)	patch.tgz, bigsister/patch.tgz:
	does not belong here

2002/03/19 19:17:06 (aeby)	bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	install modules from the "modules" sub directory

2002/03/19 19:15:23 (aeby)	tools/module.pl, bigsister/tools/module.pl:
	getopt(): correctly interprete -s option

2002/03/19 19:14:56 (aeby)	modules/tcp/module.info, bigsister/modules/tcp/module.info:
	added module.info file

2002/03/19 19:01:45 (aeby)	etc/tests.cfg, bigsister/etc/tests.cfg:
	moved TCP based tests over into a separate module

2002/03/19 19:00:44 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/tcp.pm, modules/tcp/tests.cfg, modules/tcp/graphtemplates, modules/tcp/Requester/tcp.pm, modules/tcp/README, bigsister/uxmon/Requester/tcp.pm, bigsister/modules/tcp/tests.cfg, bigsister/modules/tcp/graphtemplates, bigsister/modules/tcp/Requester/tcp.pm, bigsister/modules/tcp/README:
	moved TCP monitoring stuff into a separate module
	added performance graphs for TCP monitor (response time)

2002/03/19 18:48:19 (aeby)	tools/CmdWorker.pm, bigsister/tools/CmdWorker.pm:
	declare ourselves to a "low level" consumer

2002/03/19 18:46:32 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/tcp.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Requester/tcp.pm:
	make use of "criticalness" (tcp worker *is* time critical)
	initialize on the first invocation of do() rather than during new()

2002/03/19 18:45:20 (aeby)	tools/CWorker.pm, bigsister/tools/CWorker.pm:
	introduced "consumer" and "criticalness" idea for balancing parallelism

2002/03/18 21:40:56 (aeby)	modules/snmpprocs/tests.cfg, modules/snmpprocs/module.info, modules/snmpprocs/README, bigsister/modules/snmpprocs/tests.cfg, bigsister/modules/snmpprocs/module.info, bigsister/modules/snmpprocs/README:
	adding snmpprocs module (SNMP based process monitoring)

2002/03/18 21:39:07 (aeby)	modules/procs/Requester/procs.pm, bigsister/modules/procs/Requester/procs.pm:
	countprocs(): remove leading directories from processes, removing parentheses

2002/03/18 21:38:26 (aeby)	modules/procs/tests.cfg, bigsister/modules/procs/tests.cfg:
	altered bad references to sysv_PROCS into sysv_Procs

2002/03/18 21:37:28 (aeby)	tools/module.pl, bigsister/tools/module.pl:
	ignore "CVS" directories when installing modules

2002/03/18 21:35:56 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm:
	"punishment" for non-matching features is "-12"

2002/03/18 19:19:41 (aeby)	modules/procs/tests.cfg, modules/procs/module.info, modules/procs/graphtemplates, modules/procs/Requester/procs.pm, modules/procs/README, bigsister/modules/procs/tests.cfg, bigsister/modules/procs/module.info, bigsister/modules/procs/graphtemplates, bigsister/modules/procs/Requester/procs.pm, bigsister/modules/procs/README:
	initial revision

2002/03/18 19:19:41 (aeby)	modules/procs/tests.cfg, modules/procs/module.info, modules/procs/graphtemplates, modules/procs/Requester/procs.pm, modules/procs/README, bigsister/modules/procs/tests.cfg, bigsister/modules/procs/module.info, bigsister/modules/procs/graphtemplates, bigsister/modules/procs/Requester/procs.pm, bigsister/modules/procs/README:
	Initial revision

2002/03/18 19:10:53 (aeby)	tools/HTTPDownload.pm, bigsister/tools/HTTPDownload.pm:
	display message that we require LWP::UserAgent

2002/03/18 18:48:40 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/procMeminfo.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Requester/procMeminfo.pm:
	getinfo(): close INFO rather than WHO ...

2002/03/18 18:48:15 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm:
	execute_rule(): fixed abortion on bad rule (stopped looping)
	introduced "call()" and "size()" functions accessible via tests.cfg

2002/03/18 18:46:44 (aeby)	uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl, bigsister/uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl:
	run tester Config script from $fs{"uxmon"}/Config ...

2002/03/18 18:44:19 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm:
	- introduced "negativecache" speeding up processing of perf data reports
	  not currently associated with a graph
	- post "graphcreated" events on graph creation
	- fixed dupe graph creation (graph definition "vars" hash must be cloned
	  when instantiating graphs in perf())

2002/03/18 18:41:58 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm:
	intercept "graphcreated" events and update web pages accordingly

2002/03/18 18:41:24 (aeby)	bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in, tools/CmdWorker.pm, bigsister/tools/CmdWorker.pm:
	added CmdWorker.pm

2002/03/17 15:42:28 (aeby)	etc/uxmon-net, bigsister/etc/uxmon-net, uxmon-net, bigsister/uxmon-net, bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	moved uxmon-net into etc directory

2002/03/17 15:41:27 (aeby)	bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	oops, fixed latest Makefile.in

2002/03/17 15:40:40 (aeby)	etc/bb-display.cfg, bigsister/etc/bb-display.cfg, bigsister/bb-display.cfg, bigsister/Makefile.in, bb-display.cfg, Makefile.in:
	moved bb-display.cfg into etc directory

2002/03/17 15:30:41 (aeby)	bigsister/bb-display.cfg, bb-display.cfg:
	switch off DNS option by default

2002/03/17 15:20:59 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm, bigsister/bbd.pl, bigsister/CONFIG, bbd.pl, CONFIG:
	added DNS option

2002/03/17 15:15:31 (aeby)	bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	added bin/testers program

2002/03/17 15:06:29 (aeby)	etc/tests.cfg, bigsister/etc/tests.cfg:
	added some documentation

2002/03/17 14:55:53 (aeby)	bigsister/NEWAGENT, NEWAGENT:
	*** empty log message ***

2002/03/17 14:53:11 (aeby)	bigsister/NEWAGENT, NEWAGENT:
	*** empty log message ***

2002/03/13 22:15:32 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, uxmon/Monitor/Monitor.pm, tools/testers.pl, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Monitor.pm, bigsister/tools/testers.pl:
	added "testers" command extracting documentation from etc/tests.cfg

2002/02/24 15:10:58 (aeby)	bigsister/RotatingLog.pm, RotatingLog.pm:
	introduced a minimum time between rotations

2002/02/20 20:25:02 (bparish)	contrib/bb_event_generator.html, bigsister/contrib/bb_event_generator.html:
	This is the help file to accompany the bsnotify cgi script

2002/02/20 20:22:55 (bparish)	contrib/bsnotify, bigsister/contrib/bsnotify:
	A cgi-bin perl script to manipulate bb_event_generator.cfg files

2002/02/20 20:20:46 (bparish)	contrib/remote_restart.csh, bigsister/contrib/remote_restart.csh:
	A script to restart remote Big Sister agents that have died

2002/02/20 20:18:18 (bparish)	contrib/remote_restart.csh, bigsister/contrib/remote_restart.csh:
	A means of restarting remote agents that have died

2002/02/20 20:13:52 (bparish)	contrib/setoolkit.pl, bigsister/contrib/setoolkit.pl:
	Big Sister agent to parse SE Toolkit log

2002/02/20 20:10:07 (bparish)	contrib/setoolkit.pl, contrib/bslogget, bigsister/contrib/setoolkit.pl, bigsister/contrib/bslogget:
	Log retrieval cgi script

2002/02/20 19:07:12 (bparish)	contrib/setoolkit.pl, contrib/remote_restart.csh, contrib/bsnotify, contrib/bb_event_generator.html, bigsister/contrib/setoolkit.pl, bigsister/contrib/remote_restart.csh, bigsister/contrib/bsnotify, bigsister/contrib/bb_event_generator.html:
	Adding 4 new files to the contrib directory.
	First time upload to Big Sister project, I hope I got this right!!
	Please feel free to contact me if anything is missing or incorrect.

2002/02/20 18:13:14 (bparish)	setoolkit.pl, remote_restart.csh, bsnotify, bigsister/setoolkit.pl, bigsister/remote_restart.csh, bigsister/bsnotify:

2002/02/20 18:13:14 (bparish)	setoolkit.pl, remote_restart.csh, bsnotify, bigsister/setoolkit.pl, bigsister/remote_restart.csh, bigsister/bsnotify:
	Initial revision

2002/02/18 07:51:49 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/logfile.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/logfile.pm:
	readline(): return an undefined value if at end of file. readline() clients:
	do not treat empty return values as end of file, only undefined ones ...
	(Neil Cormick)

2002/02/18 07:50:39 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/command, bigsister/uxmon/Config/command:
	respect frequency (Neil Cormick)

2002/02/03 19:52:35 (goochjj)	uxmon/Monitor/qmqueue.pm, contrib/qmail-qstat.patch, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/qmqueue.pm, bigsister/contrib/qmail-qstat.patch, bigsister/CONFIG, CONFIG:
	Added UNIX domain check to qmqueue so we don't have to mangle our
	queue directory permissions, with the help of a unixserver process.
	The patch in contrib/qmail-qstat.patch makes qmail-qstat splits out the
	remote and local messages.

2002/02/03 18:57:53 (goochjj)	uxmon/Monitor/qmqueue.pm, uxmon/Config/qmqueue, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/qmqueue.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Config/qmqueue:
	Moved the internals over to a modularized structure
	Next step, UNIX socket support for Bruce's RPM...

2002/02/03 18:14:40 (goochjj)	uxmon/Monitor/qmqueue.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/qmqueue.pm, uxmon/Config/qmqueue, bigsister/uxmon/Config/qmqueue, bigsister/CONFIG, CONFIG:
	Modified and cleaned up the qmail queue check.  Added checking on the
	todo queue, which can signify when the services are down or the CPU is
	working hard and messages aren't being processed.  Broke out qmail_yellow
	and qmail_red into queue specific values, so different thresholds can
	be defined.  Also added error checking to the opendir call so that if permissionis denied on the check (which it should be with a default qmail install) it
	will return a red error.

2002/02/02 22:33:03 (goochjj)	uxmon/Monitor/cpuload.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/cpuload.pm:
	Provide a more verbose CPU usage listing

2002/01/30 21:06:58 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/DisplayCFG.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/DisplayCFG.pm, bigsister/bbd.pl, bbd.pl, bigsister/CONFIG, CONFIG, bigsister/bb-display.cfg, bb-display.cfg:
	added %Port configuration option in bb-display.cfg

2002/01/30 20:55:59 (aeby)	tools/bb_start.pl, bigsister/tools/bb_start.pl:
	killem(): change uid to Big Sister when killing Big Sister processes. Mainly
	this is to avoid killing Big Brother bbd ...

2002/01/30 20:35:54 (aeby)	bigsister/bb_event_generator.cfg, bb_event_generator.cfg:
	added up=green

2002/01/30 19:01:11 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm:
	feature request #501924: translate "_" in %title into spaces

2002/01/30 14:58:04 (aeby)	etc/tests.cfg, bigsister/etc/tests.cfg:
	avoid checking /cdrom/ paths under solaris

2002/01/30 14:14:01 (aeby)	tools/module.pl, bigsister/tools/module.pl:
	also install "Reader" modules

2002/01/29 21:07:47 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl, uxmon/Config/tester, bigsister/uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl, bigsister/uxmon/Config/tester:
	uxmon-net: if "features" attribute is set default to using the "tester"
	test in place of using the old uxmon/Config stuff; fall back to uxmon/Config
	if no suitable "tester" is available

2002/01/29 18:34:18 (aeby)	tools/module.pl, bigsister/tools/module.pl:
	first working version ...

2002/01/29 16:54:36 (aeby)	bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	install "module" command and associated files/dirs

2002/01/29 16:52:00 (aeby)	tools/module.pl, bigsister/tools/module.pl:
	added "module" command

2002/01/29 16:51:35 (aeby)	tools/Tar.pm, bigsister/tools/Tar.pm:
	tested and fixed bugs (error handling, workaround for Archive::Tar bug)

2002/01/29 16:50:35 (aeby)	graphtemplates, bigsister/graphtemplates:
	include etc/graphdef/*.cfg instead of etc/graphdef/*

2002/01/29 16:49:50 (aeby)	tools/HTTPDownload.pm, bigsister/tools/HTTPDownload.pm:
	download arbitrary files from a web server

2002/01/29 16:49:21 (aeby)	tools/CheckSig.pm, bigsister/tools/CheckSig.pm:
	CheckSig: check MD5 checksums and GPG signatures

2002/01/29 16:48:37 (aeby)	etc/keys, bigsister/etc/keys:
	added public keyring for "module" command (signature verification)

2002/01/27 14:11:14 (aeby)	tools/Tar.pm, bigsister/tools/Tar.pm, bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	added Tar module

2002/01/26 18:43:13 (aeby)	skins/default/mailalarm_ack.proto, skins/default/mailalarm.sub, bigsister/skins/default/mailalarm_ack.proto, bigsister/skins/default/mailalarm.sub, bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm:
	allow inclusion of full host name/title in alarm messages

2002/01/26 17:20:25 (aeby)	bsmonitor/bsmon.cfg, bigsister/bsmonitor/bsmon.cfg, bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	added etc/mondef/*.cfg stuff

2002/01/26 16:41:07 (aeby)	bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	create etc/testdef and etc/graphdef files

2002/01/26 16:38:41 (aeby)	graphtemplates, bigsister/graphtemplates:
	include all the graph templates in etc/graphdefs

2002/01/26 16:37:16 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm:
	GROUP2/GROUP3 fixed, expand(): allow digits in variable names

2002/01/26 15:04:50 (aeby)	bscgi.pm, bigsister/bscgi.pm:
	added myurl() method

2002/01/26 15:04:06 (aeby)	tools/cfgfile.pm, bigsister/tools/cfgfile.pm:
	re-implemented variable name expansion for include file names, support
	for expansion to multiple values. find_file() may expand to multiple names

2002/01/26 15:03:00 (aeby)	common.pm, bigsister/common.pm:
	added myglob() method, find_file() now may return multiple files

2002/01/26 13:21:56 (aeby)	bswebalarm.pl, bigsister/bswebalarm.pl:
	use redirects to avoid the same acknowledgement being sent multiple times
	(bug #465304)

2002/01/26 12:37:43 (aeby)	bigsister/bbdisp.pm, bbdisp.pm:
	added multilanguage support (via  constructs in skins)
	added encode_args() method

2002/01/17 19:37:42 (aeby)	deprecated/log_mail.pl, bigsister/deprecated/log_mail.pl:
	fixed security relevant bug: when running "$mailprog": use exec() instead
	of open() since open will start a subshell!

2002/01/15 18:34:59 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/_snmp, bigsister/uxmon/Config/_snmp:
	storage_* variables must not be local to this file ("my")

2002/01/13 18:38:27 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm:
	removed accidentally checked in debugging code

2002/01/13 18:10:46 (aeby)	etc/tests.cfg, bigsister/etc/tests.cfg:
	http test: include a hyper link to the tested HTTP page in the comments section

2002/01/13 18:10:07 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm:
	added reference_url() function available to tests.cfg rules
	instantiate(): set nodeinstance variable "host" to the target host's name

2002/01/11 16:46:10 (aeby)	bshistory.pl, bigsister/bshistory.pl:
	added indexing and fast skip method

2002/01/11 16:40:36 (aeby)	common.pm, bigsister/common.pm:
	log(): when logging via "logger": use -t option to pass program name

2002/01/08 18:16:50 (aeby)	etc/tests.cfg, bigsister/etc/tests.cfg:
	added support for argument fstype for unix_dfdisk

2002/01/08 17:26:53 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm:
	reconfigure(): and once again: call "unconfigure" correctly, thus with time
	0 (to force unconfigure being called independently of time) and without calling

2002/01/08 16:41:26 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm:
	added "unconfigure" to the list of acceptable method names

2002/01/08 16:41:04 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm:
	do unconfigure in reconfigure()

2002/01/08 16:26:14 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, etc/tests.cfg, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, bigsister/etc/tests.cfg:
	on unconfigure(): call the unconfigure method of the respective test
	storage test: re-init some variables during unconfigure

2002/01/08 16:24:49 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm, uxmon/Monitor/Monitor.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Monitor.pm:
	added unconfigure() monitor method

2002/01/06 17:21:43 (aeby)	bigsister/HOWTO, bigsister/CONFIG, HOWTO, CONFIG:
	added section about migrating from notify.cfg

2002/01/06 17:08:16 (aeby)	bigsister/CONFIG, CONFIG:
	added bb_event_generator.cfg:skin description

2002/01/06 17:06:05 (aeby)	bigsister/CONFIG, CONFIG, bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm:
	introduced PAGER rules replacing notify.cfg functionality

2002/01/06 16:09:22 (aeby)	bsmonitor/bsmon.pl, bigsister/bsmonitor/bsmon.pl:
	load_module(): log diagnostics if module fails to start

2002/01/06 12:29:35 (aeby)	uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl, bigsister/uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl:
	priority of "DESCRIBE" attributes is higher than for "DEFAULT", made
	describe work for "localhost" too

2002/01/06 12:17:19 (aeby)	bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	handle errors in conditional rules correctly

2002/01/06 12:07:40 (aeby)	uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl, bigsister/uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl:
	support for "DESCRIBE var1=val1 ... host" clause -- per host defaults

2002/01/06 11:56:57 (aeby)	deprecated/log_mail.pl, bigsister/deprecated/log_mail.pl:
	include a "deprecated" warning in log_mail generated alarm mails

2002/01/05 16:36:40 (aeby)	graphtemplates, bigsister/graphtemplates:
	added template for storage.memory.* stuff

2002/01/05 16:36:22 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm:
	support for multiple GROUPs in input-variable

2002/01/05 14:28:27 (aeby)	graphtemplates, bigsister/graphtemplates:
	label for CPU load fixed

2002/01/05 13:07:15 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm:
	worker part of a loop: access local variables via $self->{$instance}->{"local"}

2002/01/05 12:26:16 (aeby)	bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	only replace #! lines containing "perl" with the perl path

2002/01/05 12:22:39 (aeby)	tools/bs_boot.sh, bigsister/tools/bs_boot.sh, bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	added bs_boot.sh: wrapper script for bb_start

2002/01/05 12:11:15 (aeby)	bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	install boot script if necessary

2002/01/05 12:10:47 (aeby)	configure.in, configure, bigsister/configure.in, bigsister/configure:
	find chkconfig in extended path

2002/01/05 12:05:35 (aeby)	configure.in, configure, bigsister/configure.in, bigsister/configure:
	fixed typo

2002/01/05 11:59:00 (aeby)	graphtemplates, bigsister/graphtemplates:
	added support for new disk data structure

2002/01/04 22:37:32 (aeby)	configure.in, configure, bigsister/configure.in, bigsister/configure, bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	respect exec_prefix when writing etc/resources file

2002/01/04 22:19:48 (aeby)	tools/smtpmail.pl, bigsister/tools/smtpmail.pl:
	if INPUTFILE environment variable is set read our input from this file

2002/01/04 22:18:58 (aeby)	common.pm, bsmonitor/bsmon.pl, bigsister/common.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/bsmon.pl:
	use Platform::mergepath() rather than directly manipulating $ENV{"PATH"}

2002/01/04 22:17:37 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm:
	- @tmps handling: remember created temp files and remove them sometime later
	- default pager is 'smtpmail' if mailhost is set
	- when using the "background_process" method for invoking the pager pass the
	  input file via the INPUTFILE environment variable

2002/01/04 22:15:46 (aeby)	platforms/BS_unix.pm, bigsister/platforms/BS_unix.pm:
	added mergepath()

2002/01/04 22:15:24 (aeby)	platforms/BS_win32.pm, bigsister/platforms/BS_win32.pm:
	background_process(): guess if a program to run is a perl script - if yes,
	run the perl interpreter

2002/01/04 22:14:14 (aeby)	bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	when replacing perl path in script head lines (#!/...): operate in scratch directory

2002/01/04 21:52:01 (aeby)	platforms/BS_win32.pm, bigsister/platforms/BS_win32.pm:
	added mergepath() method, perlpath(): also find files without any extension

2002/01/04 20:28:37 (aeby)	bigsister/bb_event_generator.cfg, bb_event_generator.cfg:
	use default pager by default ...

2002/01/04 19:07:35 (aeby)	notify.cfg, deprecated/notify.cfg, bigsister/notify.cfg, bigsister/deprecated/notify.cfg, bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	moved notify.cfg to deprecated directory

2002/01/04 19:06:15 (aeby)	deprecated/notify.pl, deprecated/log_mail.pl, bigsister/deprecated/notify.pl, bigsister/deprecated/log_mail.pl, notify.pl, log_mail.pl, bigsister/notify.pl, bigsister/log_mail.pl, bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	moved log_mail and notify to the deprecated directory

2002/01/04 19:01:00 (aeby)	tools/smtpmail.pl, bigsister/tools/smtpmail.pl, bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	added smtp mail sending tool

2002/01/04 18:25:37 (aeby)	platforms/BS_unix.pm, bigsister/platforms/BS_unix.pm:
	implemented background_process() method

2002/01/04 18:13:24 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Monitor.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Monitor.pm:
	removed temporary CWorker::one_pass() stuff

2002/01/04 17:30:20 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm:
	replaced page() method => use skins for generating alarm messages

2002/01/04 17:08:18 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/tcp.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Requester/tcp.pm:
	support for "chat" argument

2002/01/04 17:06:50 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm:
	call CWorker::do_them() at appropriate places

2002/01/04 17:06:08 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm:
	added expand_values() method

2002/01/04 17:05:22 (aeby)	tools/CWorker.pm, bigsister/tools/CWorker.pm:
	added do_them() method, one_pass(): repeat doing passes if max number of
	parallel CWorker objects are surpassed

2002/01/04 17:03:56 (aeby)	etc/tests.cfg, bigsister/etc/tests.cfg:
	added TCP class tests

2002/01/04 17:02:57 (aeby)	common.pm, bigsister/common.pm:
	determine tmp directory and create it if necessary

2002/01/04 17:01:53 (aeby)	bigsister/Schedule.pm, Schedule.pm:
	call CWorker::one_pass() after each schedule run

2002/01/04 15:06:40 (aeby)	skins/default/mailalarm_up.proto, skins/default/mailalarm_reminder.proto, skins/default/mailalarm_down.proto, skins/default/mailalarm_ack.proto, skins/default/mailalarm.sub, bigsister/skins/default/mailalarm_up.proto, bigsister/skins/default/mailalarm_reminder.proto, bigsister/skins/default/mailalarm_down.proto, bigsister/skins/default/mailalarm_ack.proto, bigsister/skins/default/mailalarm.sub:
	added skin entities for the alarm generator

2002/01/04 12:51:10 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/fs.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/fs.pm:
	check(): <HR> within <PRE> is invalid ...

2002/01/04 10:42:36 (aeby)	bsmonitor/bsmon.pl, bigsister/bsmonitor/bsmon.pl:
	event(): be immune against module failures -- pass events to a module in
	an eval{} clause and catch errors

2001/12/24 16:34:26 (aeby)	template.proto, bigsister/template.proto:
	not used any more

2001/12/22 15:29:09 (aeby)	configure.in, configure, bigsister/configure.in, bigsister/configure, bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	added support for "CGI-Speedy"

2001/12/22 13:23:37 (aeby)	tools/bsgraph.pl, bigsister/tools/bsgraph.pl:
	one_pass: call rrdtool graph so that it prints the generated image to
	STDOUT if ever possible.

2001/12/19 07:46:48 (aeby)	bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	fixed EXEC pointing to nowhere land

2001/12/19 07:32:47 (aeby)	install.sh, bigsister/install.sh:
	do not mkdir/chown/chmod a target directory if it already exists

2001/12/19 07:30:37 (aeby)	bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	fixed USER_BIN/USER_SBIN typo

2001/12/18 23:27:38 (aeby)	bigsister/Makefile, Makefile:
	no longer used

2001/12/18 23:27:03 (aeby)	configure.in, configure, bigsister/configure.in, bigsister/configure, bigsister/Makefile.in, Makefile.in:
	use GNU autoconf for configuring Big Sister
	added "FHS" support

2001/12/17 20:12:48 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/oracle.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/oracle.pm:
	(suggested by Juan Leon) set up correct DBI db descriptor for DBI->connect()

2001/12/14 22:34:08 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/who.pm, uxmon/Requester/procMeminfo.pm, uxmon/Requester/df.pm, uxmon/Requester/Requester.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Requester/who.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Requester/procMeminfo.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Requester/df.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Requester/Requester.pm:
	getinfo(): also pass a list of requested variables

2001/12/14 22:33:31 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm:
	fixed bug in continuation code (execute_method()), added "==" operator

2001/12/14 22:32:49 (aeby)	tools/CWorker.pm, bigsister/tools/CWorker.pm:
	allow CWorkers to poll read or write status

2001/12/14 22:32:02 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/tcp.pm, etc/tests.cfg, bigsister/uxmon/Requester/tcp.pm, bigsister/etc/tests.cfg:
	added "TCP" requester and corresponding test.cfg definitions

2001/12/12 23:43:14 (jacobgore)	uxmon/Monitor/sendmail.pm, uxmon/Config/sendmail, graphtemplates, etc/perf, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/sendmail.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Config/sendmail, bigsister/graphtemplates, bigsister/etc/perf:
	Added a sendmail queue monitor for uxmon.

2001/12/12 19:51:34 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/Requester.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Requester/Requester.pm:
	added support for CWorker concept (requesters may defer)

2001/12/12 19:50:53 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm:
	added "cycle_done" mode

2001/12/12 19:50:13 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm:
	make use of the CWorker module/concept

2001/12/12 19:49:47 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Monitor.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Monitor.pm:
	added "cycle_done" mode, do CWorker::one_pass() after calling Monitor job (temporary)

2001/12/12 19:48:41 (aeby)	etc/tests.cfg, bigsister/etc/tests.cfg:
	storage test: report purple if no matching resources found

2001/12/12 19:48:06 (aeby)	bigsister/Makefile, Makefile:
	install CWorker/TestWorker

2001/12/12 19:43:13 (aeby)	tools/TestWorker.pm, bigsister/tools/TestWorker.pm:
	added TestWorker class - CWorker implementation used by Monitor::Tester

2001/12/12 19:42:39 (aeby)	tools/CWorker.pm, bigsister/tools/CWorker.pm:
	added CWorker class: used for continuation based computing

2001/12/12 19:40:45 (aeby)	platforms/BS_win32.pm, platforms/BS_unix.pm, bigsister/platforms/BS_win32.pm, bigsister/platforms/BS_unix.pm:
	added socknonblock() function

2001/12/10 19:04:57 (aeby)	bigsister/bbd.pl, bbd.pl:
	access restrictions: "perf" and "event" accidentally switched

2001/12/10 16:48:03 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, etc/tests.cfg, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, bigsister/etc/tests.cfg:
	"disk" test uses contains_pattern() for finding matching partitions

2001/12/10 16:14:49 (aeby)	bigsister/bbdisp.pm, bbdisp.pm:
	fixHTMLinText(): ... and also support 'white', 'blue', ... lamps

2001/12/10 16:09:22 (aeby)	bigsister/bbdisp.pm, bbdisp.pm:
	fixHTMLinText(): newlines in HTML part of the message must be preserved!

2001/12/10 15:59:39 (aeby)	common.pm, bigsister/common.pm:
	find_file(): return an absolute, reasonable path if file does not exist

2001/12/10 15:38:57 (aeby)	symbolic_links, bigsister/symbolic_links, bigsister/Makefile, Makefile:
	create symbolic links in 'bin' target -- after checking out from CVS they are missing

2001/12/10 15:29:17 (aeby)	uxmon/uxmon.pl, uxmon/uxmon-rules.pl, uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl, uxmon/Requester/who.pm, uxmon/Monitor/statusfile.pm, uxmon/Monitor/snmp.pm, uxmon/Monitor/logfile.pm, uxmon/Monitor/bbscript.pm, uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm, tools/cfgfile.pm, tools/bsgraph.pl, tools/bsadmin.pl, tools/bb_start.pl, reporting/report_day.pl, reporting/report_consolidate.pl, reporting/Reader/StatusDB.pm, reporting/Reader/DisplayHistory.pm, reporting/Reader/Cumulator.pm, notify.pl, display_map.pm, common.pm, bswebalarm.pl, bswebadmin.pl, bstrapd.pl, bsmonitor/bsmon.pl, bsmonitor/Statusmon/history.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/grouping.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/TrackLast.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Statusmon.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/HTMLLog.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/DisplayCFG.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/BBLog.pm, bshistory.pl, bigsister/uxmon/uxmon.pl, bigsister/uxmon/uxmon-rules.pl, bigsister/uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl, bigsister/uxmon/Requester/who.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/statusfile.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/snmp.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/logfile.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/bbscript.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm, bigsister/tools/cfgfile.pm, bigsister/tools/bsgraph.pl, bigsister/tools/bsadmin.pl, bigsister/tools/bb_start.pl, bigsister/reporting/report_day.pl, bigsister/reporting/report_consolidate.pl, bigsister/reporting/Reader/StatusDB.pm, bigsister/reporting/Reader/DisplayHistory.pm, bigsister/reporting/Reader/Cumulator.pm, bigsister/notify.pl, bigsister/display_map.pm, bigsister/common.pm, bigsister/bswebalarm.pl, bigsister/bswebadmin.pl, bigsister/bstrapd.pl, bigsister/bsmonitor/bsmon.pl, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/history.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/grouping.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/TrackLast.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/Statusmon.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/HTMLLog.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/DisplayCFG.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/BBLog.pm, bigsister/bshistory.pl, bigsister/bbdisp.pm, bigsister/bbd.pl, bigsister/bb_stop32.pl, bbdisp.pm, bbd.pl, bb_stop32.pl:
	introduced new "virtual file system" within Big Sister code (%BigSister::common::fs)
	in order to allow implementing various path concepts (including FHS)

2001/12/10 15:23:59 (aeby)	etc/syslog, bigsister/etc/syslog:
	added /var/log/maillog to the list of possible names for the mail log

2001/11/25 10:20:43 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/logfile, bigsister/uxmon/Config/logfile:
	use cfgfile for reading the configuration file, for non-hardcoded logfile
	monitoring modules: just assume their module name matches their test name
	(Bug #477459, ssclift with Tom's modifications)

2001/11/25 10:18:26 (aeby)	common.pm, bigsister/common.pm:
	print log messages >= notice to stderr

2001/11/25 10:04:32 (aeby)	tools/cfgfile.pm, bigsister/tools/cfgfile.pm:
	added close() method -- allow explicit close

2001/11/25 09:49:08 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/logfile.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/logfile.pm, bigsister/CONFIG, CONFIG:
	the last column in the logfile config file optionally contains a host name
	(Bug #477459, ssclift)

2001/11/25 09:45:14 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/cpuload.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/cpuload.pm:
	don't compute averages of averages ... (Bug #477459, ssclift)

2001/11/24 21:47:10 (aeby)	etc/tests.cfg, bigsister/etc/tests.cfg:
	added support for Linux /proc/meminfo => Swap Space

2001/11/24 21:46:21 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/procMeminfo.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Requester/procMeminfo.pm:
	added requester for Linux' /proc/meminfo

2001/11/24 18:56:49 (aeby)	etc/tests.cfg, bigsister/etc/tests.cfg:
	use more generic notion "storage" in place of "disk" in storage class, report
	as storage.disk.* or storage.memory.* (swap space test)

2001/11/24 18:46:36 (aeby)	etc/tests.cfg, bigsister/etc/tests.cfg:
	fixed bug in storage class (typo in discover), added swap space monitoring
	via SNMP

2001/11/24 18:24:50 (aeby)	etc/tests.cfg, bigsister/etc/tests.cfg:
	added test/argument descriptions

2001/11/24 18:24:20 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm:
	removed temporary debug code

2001/11/24 17:59:22 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm:
	new(): count unmatched features as "negative", ignore tests without names

2001/11/24 17:58:28 (aeby)	etc/tests.cfg, bigsister/etc/tests.cfg:
	added netware logged in users test

2001/11/24 17:25:08 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/df.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Requester/df.pm:
	make use of the new Requester::Requester::request() method

2001/11/24 16:50:43 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm:
	numerous anonymous modifications (bug fixes, etc.)

2001/11/24 16:49:07 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/who.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Requester/who.pm:
	added 'who' requester using the 'who' command to determine logged in user count

2001/11/24 16:48:10 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/Requester.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Requester/Requester.pm:
	added default request() method using getinfo() to retrieve system parameters

2001/11/24 16:46:38 (aeby)	etc/tests.cfg, bigsister/etc/tests.cfg:
	added "users" test (snmp and 'who' based)

2001/11/23 18:18:35 (aeby)	bigsister/Q+A, Q+A:
	added diskload and diskperf comments

2001/11/23 18:13:27 (aeby)	contrib/test_perflib, bigsister/contrib/test_perflib:
	perflib test script

2001/11/22 16:47:22 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/ping.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/ping.pm:
	fping standard deviation: catch sqrt(something<0) case

2001/11/21 20:52:13 (aeby)	skins/static_lamps/white.gif, bigsister/skins/static_lamps/white.gif:
	added missing static_lamps/white.gif

2001/11/21 20:50:31 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm:
	run_once(): schedule monitors' discover() method
	added perfreport() / postevent() methods

2001/11/21 20:48:07 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm:
	added new perfreport() and postevent() methods
	report(): fixed wrong handling of $retryref in the for loop

2001/11/21 20:45:16 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Monitor.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Monitor.pm:
	added discover() "abstract" method, perfreport() and event() implementations

2001/11/21 20:44:20 (aeby)	uxmon/uxmon.pl, bigsister/uxmon/uxmon.pl:
	clear the Requester cache in each cycle

2001/11/21 20:43:44 (aeby)	tools/cfgfile.pm, bigsister/tools/cfgfile.pm:
	close all open files when an instance dies

2001/11/21 20:42:55 (aeby)	etc/perf, bigsister/etc/perf:
	added qmail stuff

2001/11/21 20:42:30 (aeby)	contrib/makebinary, bigsister/contrib/makebinary:
	in order to correctly detect if a module does load make the test code
	end with "1" (true)

2001/11/21 20:40:43 (aeby)	snmp.pm, bigsister/snmp.pm:
	added load_mib(), walk(), get() methods -- snmp.pm should eventually
	contain all the SNMP specific stuff

2001/11/21 20:38:35 (aeby)	graphtemplates, bigsister/graphtemplates:
	added qmail monitor templates (contributed)

2001/11/21 20:37:45 (aeby)	common.pm, bigsister/common.pm:
	parse(): support for specialchars being interpreted as a word even if
	not separated by whitespace

2001/11/21 20:36:55 (aeby)	bigsister/Schedule.pm, Schedule.pm:
	added sched_gettime() returning the same "minute" (abstract) during one
	schedule run

2001/11/21 20:35:07 (aeby)	bigsister/README, README:
	added credits

2001/11/21 20:33:20 (aeby)	bigsister/Makefile, Makefile:
	install Requester, tests.cfg

2001/11/21 20:32:31 (aeby)	etc/tests.cfg, bigsister/etc/tests.cfg:
	tests.cfg ist the "Tester"'s configuration

2001/11/21 20:32:01 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Tester.pm, uxmon/Config/tester, bigsister/uxmon/Config/tester:
	added "Tester", the new SNMP monitor

2001/11/21 20:29:24 (aeby)	uxmon/Requester/snmp.pm, uxmon/Requester/df.pm, uxmon/Requester/Requester.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Requester/snmp.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Requester/df.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Requester/Requester.pm:
	added Requester module

2001/11/18 13:40:15 (aeby)	bigsister/bbd.pl, bigsister/access.pm, bigsister/PROTOCOL, bbd.pl, access.pm, PROTOCOL:
	added support for "event" command

2001/11/12 19:42:02 (aeby)	tools/mibcompile.pl, bigsister/tools/mibcompile.pl:
	mibcompile uses "snmptranslate" to compile a mib into etc/mibs.txt format

2001/11/01 22:51:13 (aeby)	tools/bb_start.pl, bigsister/tools/bb_start.pl:
	do not start uxmons for uxmon-net.* ending with "bak", "%" or "~"

2001/11/01 22:43:44 (aeby)	tools/bb_start.pl, bigsister/tools/bb_start.pl:
	when searching for uxmon-net files: only start agents for uxmon-net.* and uxmon-net

2001/11/01 14:10:18 (aeby)	tools/bsgraph.pl, bigsister/tools/bsgraph.pl:
	do "binmode" within an eval{} since it may fail if using FCGI

2001/11/01 14:08:22 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/tripwire, bigsister/uxmon/Config/tripwire, bigsister/CONFIG, CONFIG:
	added "timeout" argument and let the default be 60s

2001/11/01 13:56:28 (aeby)	bigsister/bbdisp.pm, bbdisp.pm:
	write_html_status(): added DATE variable again (ssclift) (Bug ##466904)

2001/10/03 15:43:25 (goochjj)	uxmon/Config/dns, bigsister/uxmon/Config/dns:
	Use host command for newer bind-utils where nslookup complains...

2001/10/03 15:40:47 (goochjj)	uxmon/Monitor/tcp.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/tcp.pm:
	HTTP protocol requires \r\n at the end of lines per RFC2068

2001/10/03 09:44:56 (aeby)	bshistory.pl, bigsister/bshistory.pl, bigsister/bbdisp.pm, bbdisp.pm:
	bbdisp: new method fixHTMLinText() sharing &html recognition code with bshistory,
	bshistory: call fixHTMLinText() on status messages

2001/10/03 09:40:10 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm:
	when creating RRD graphs use "--start" option (Bug #466361, patch by Simon Clift)

2001/10/03 09:19:45 (aeby)	etc/etc_resources, etc/adm_resources, common.pm, bigsister/etc/etc_resources, bigsister/etc/adm_resources, bigsister/common.pm:
	log_facility in */resources files: load_resources(): accept names with "_"
	in it, comments in etc/*_resources files: use "=" in place of ":"

2001/10/03 08:48:55 (aeby)	display_map.pm, bigsister/display_map.pm:
	cache/share status images

2001/10/03 08:48:04 (aeby)	tools/bb_start.pl, bigsister/tools/bb_start.pl:
	added "restart" mode

2001/10/03 07:35:25 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/ping.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/ping.pm:
	import inet_ntoa when "use"-ing Socket package [Bug #464611]

2001/09/26 20:21:35 (aeby)	tools/bb_start.pl, bigsister/tools/bb_start.pl, bigsister/bb_start, bigsister/Makefile, bb_start, Makefile:
	replaced bb_start shell script by a perl script

2001/09/11 16:03:32 (aeby)	skins/default/statwhite.png, display_map.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/grouping.pm, bigsister/skins/default/statwhite.png, bigsister/display_map.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/grouping.pm:
	grouping: compute group status correctly if group member status is one of
	clear, white or blue.
	display_map.pm: added "white" color
	added statwhite.png

2001/09/11 13:34:49 (aeby)	bsmonitor/bsmon.pl, bigsister/bsmonitor/bsmon.pl:
	flush_status() when the main process is dying

2001/09/04 13:29:01 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/qmqueue.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/qmqueue.pm:
	new(): enforce "queue" ending by "/"

2001/09/04 12:02:45 (aeby)	bigsister/README, README:
	added some 'credits'

2001/09/04 12:00:40 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/rpc_ping.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/rpc_ping.pm:
	added portmapper program (suggested by Neal Rigney)

2001/09/04 11:40:37 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/qmqueue.pm, uxmon/Config/qmqueue, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/qmqueue.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Config/qmqueue, bigsister/CONFIG, CONFIG:
	introduced queue_dir argument

2001/09/04 11:31:21 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/qmqueue.pm, uxmon/Config/qmqueue, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/qmqueue.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Config/qmqueue, bigsister/CONFIG, CONFIG:
	added qmqueue monitor as contributed by Richard Ward

2001/09/04 09:32:33 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/procs.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/procs.pm, uxmon/Config/procs, bigsister/uxmon/Config/procs:
	Brandon S. Allbery: support for Tru64, check= argument, alternate= argument

2001/09/04 09:19:09 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/syslog.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/syslog.pm:
	Brandon S. Allbery: normalize host names

2001/09/04 09:17:18 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/fs.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/fs.pm:
	Brandon S. Allbery: improved fscomm guessing, multiline df output, etc.
	Tom: do not filter out non-device file systems

2001/09/04 09:03:23 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm:
	Brandon S. Allbery: retries, size limit, fixed FQDN code
	Tom: fastretries

2001/09/04 08:30:24 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Monitor.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/Monitor.pm:
	Brandon S. Allbery: added html_protect() method

2001/09/04 08:22:17 (aeby)	common.pm, bigsister/common.pm:
	Brandon S. Allbery: removed forgotten temporary debug code from parse()

2001/09/04 08:20:37 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Rsync.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/Rsync.pm:
	Brandon S. Allbery: groupupdate() do not send empty groups

2001/09/04 08:16:35 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm:
	Brandon S. Allberry: TABLE_COLUMNS was off by 3

2001/09/04 08:08:32 (aeby)	bigsister/Makefile, Makefile:
	- set more correct permissions (no execute for non-executables)
	- Brandon S. Allberry: 'id' command not always behaving as expected

2001/08/28 20:45:42 (aeby)	bigsister/bb_event_generator.cfg, bb_event_generator.cfg:
	trap sending disabled by default

2001/08/28 20:40:51 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/tcp.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/tcp.pm:
	accept return codes <400 as "OK" (Bug #456278)

2001/08/26 12:36:56 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm, bigsister/CONFIG, CONFIG:
	added "upmail" variable in bs_evgen.pm

2001/08/20 20:19:36 (aeby)	bsmonitor/bsmon.pl, bigsister/bsmonitor/bsmon.pl, bigsister/bb-display.cfg, bb-display.cfg, bigsister/CONFIG, CONFIG:
	added StartOK option to bb-display.cfg

2001/08/19 08:32:14 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm:
	report(): do not perform limit checking any more - we assume monitors know
	what they are allowed to report (and "3" is obsolete for years anyway)

2001/08/16 15:52:25 (aeby)	log_mail.pl, bigsister/log_mail.pl:
	convert single line messages to multiline (|> -> \n) (Bug #451567)

2001/08/01 17:29:50 (aeby)	bigsister/bb_start, bb_start:
	log and print a message if a daemon fails to start (Bug #444602)

2001/08/01 17:29:27 (aeby)	common.pm, bigsister/common.pm:
	Bug #446848: remove *.pid files from adm directory during shutdown:
	when going into background: catch TERM and QUIT signals, added END {}
	removing pid files and logging a notice via syslog.

2001/07/26 15:14:35 (aeby)	etc/syslog, bigsister/etc/syslog:
	added HP/UX support (other file locations, other "su" log message)

2001/07/24 14:30:11 (goochjj)	uxmon/Monitor/atmport.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/atmport.pm:
	Monitor DS1 error codes and report

2001/07/24 14:10:50 (goochjj)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/RRDs.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/RRDi.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/RRDs.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/RRDi.pm:
	Add provider for shared library version of RRD support

2001/07/10 17:24:28 (aeby)	display_map.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, bigsister/display_map.pm, bigsister/bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, bigsister/HOWTO, bigsister/CONFIG, HOWTO, CONFIG:
	added "link" directive in display_map.cfg (Feature request #439650)

2001/07/10 17:22:38 (aeby)	tools/cfgfile.pm, bigsister/tools/cfgfile.pm:
	added current_file() method returning the name of the currently open file

2001/07/07 15:31:18 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm, bigsister/uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm, tools/bsadmin.pl, bigsister/tools/bsadmin.pl:
	bb.pm: sysreport(): return true on success, false on failure
	bsadmin.pl: output an error if sysreport() fails, default display server is localhost
	(Bug #437111)

2001/07/07 15:19:50 (aeby)	uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl, uxmon/Config/tripwire, uxmon/Config/statusfile, uxmon/Config/software, uxmon/Config/realhttp, uxmon/Config/radius, uxmon/Config/procs, uxmon/Config/ping, uxmon/Config/oracle, uxmon/Config/ntp, uxmon/Config/noFQDN, uxmon/Config/network, uxmon/Config/mrtg, uxmon/Config/metastat, uxmon/Config/memory, uxmon/Config/logfile, uxmon/Config/load, uxmon/Config/ldap_mozilla, uxmon/Config/ldap, uxmon/Config/etherport, uxmon/Config/dumpdates, uxmon/Config/dns, uxmon/Config/diskload, uxmon/Config/diskfree, uxmon/Config/cpuload, uxmon/Config/command, uxmon/Config/bsdisplay, uxmon/Config/bbscript, uxmon/Config/atmport, uxmon/Config/_tcp, uxmon/Config/_storage, uxmon/Config/_snmp, uxmon/Config/_rpc, uxmon/Config/_perflib, uxmon/Config/_executor, uxmon/Config/_evaluator, uxmon/Config/FQDN, bigsister/uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl, bigsister/uxmon/Config/tripwire, bigsister/uxmon/Config/statusfile, bigsister/uxmon/Config/software, bigsister/uxmon/Config/realhttp, bigsister/uxmon/Config/radius, bigsister/uxmon/Config/procs, bigsister/uxmon/Config/ping, bigsister/uxmon/Config/oracle, bigsister/uxmon/Config/ntp, bigsister/uxmon/Config/noFQDN, bigsister/uxmon/Config/network, bigsister/uxmon/Config/mrtg, bigsister/uxmon/Config/metastat, bigsister/uxmon/Config/memory, bigsister/uxmon/Config/logfile, bigsister/uxmon/Config/load, bigsister/uxmon/Config/ldap_mozilla, bigsister/uxmon/Config/ldap, bigsister/uxmon/Config/etherport, bigsister/uxmon/Config/dumpdates, bigsister/uxmon/Config/dns, bigsister/uxmon/Config/diskload, bigsister/uxmon/Config/diskfree, bigsister/uxmon/Config/cpuload, bigsister/uxmon/Config/command, bigsister/uxmon/Config/bsdisplay, bigsister/uxmon/Config/bbscript, bigsister/uxmon/Config/atmport, bigsister/uxmon/Config/_tcp, bigsister/uxmon/Config/_storage, bigsister/uxmon/Config/_snmp, bigsister/uxmon/Config/_rpc, bigsister/uxmon/Config/_perflib, bigsister/uxmon/Config/_executor, bigsister/uxmon/Config/_evaluator, bigsister/uxmon/Config/FQDN:
	Config scripts: return 1 on termination, uxmon-rules: log a warning if
	a test does not setup

2001/07/07 15:18:05 (aeby)	tools/cfgfile.pm, bigsister/tools/cfgfile.pm:
	do treat line continuation in preference to remarks (Bug #439189)

2001/07/03 19:18:56 (aeby)	bigsister/Makefile, Makefile:
	moved Monitor modules to bin/Monitor, install bin/Monitor/bb.pm and
	bin/Monitor/Monitor.pm in common rules (Bug #434894)

2001/07/03 05:26:14 (aeby)	bigsister/bb_start, bb_start:
	only start bsmon if bb-display.cfg is configured, do not pass superfluous
	-b and -r options to bbd/uxmon

2001/07/03 05:25:18 (aeby)	bigsister/Makefile, Makefile:
	added install-reporting target

2001/07/03 05:23:09 (aeby)	reporting/test.pl, reporting/report_read.pl, reporting/report_day.pl, reporting/report_consolidate.pl, reporting/conf/statistics, reporting/conf/servicehours, reporting/conf/override, reporting/conf/holidays, reporting/conf/dependencies, reporting/conf/cumulators, reporting/StatusLog.pm, reporting/ReportCommon.pm, reporting/Reader/StatusDB.pm, reporting/Reader/ServiceHours.pm, reporting/Reader/Reader.pm, reporting/Reader/ManualOverride.pm, reporting/Reader/Holidays.pm, reporting/Reader/DisplayHistory.pm, reporting/Reader/Dependency.pm, reporting/Reader/Cumulator.pm, reporting/README, bigsister/reporting/test.pl, bigsister/reporting/report_read.pl, bigsister/reporting/report_day.pl, bigsister/reporting/report_consolidate.pl, bigsister/reporting/conf/statistics, bigsister/reporting/conf/servicehours, bigsister/reporting/conf/override, bigsister/reporting/conf/holidays, bigsister/reporting/conf/dependencies, bigsister/reporting/conf/cumulators, bigsister/reporting/StatusLog.pm, bigsister/reporting/ReportCommon.pm, bigsister/reporting/Reader/StatusDB.pm, bigsister/reporting/Reader/ServiceHours.pm, bigsister/reporting/Reader/Reader.pm, bigsister/reporting/Reader/ManualOverride.pm, bigsister/reporting/Reader/Holidays.pm, bigsister/reporting/Reader/DisplayHistory.pm, bigsister/reporting/Reader/Dependency.pm, bigsister/reporting/Reader/Cumulator.pm, bigsister/reporting/README:
	added reporting tool

2001/06/30 17:55:34 (aeby)	uxmon/uxmon.pl, tools/page_meridian.pl, tools/install32.pl, tools/bsgraph.pl, tools/bsadmin.pl, tools/bbecho.pl, bsmonitor/bsmon.pl, bigsister/uxmon/uxmon.pl, bigsister/tools/page_meridian.pl, bigsister/tools/install32.pl, bigsister/tools/bsgraph.pl, bigsister/tools/bsadmin.pl, bigsister/tools/bbecho.pl, bigsister/bsmonitor/bsmon.pl, utils/set_transparent.pl, utils/mib2txt.pl, utils/def2mib.pl, notify.pl, log_mail.pl, contrib/webize.pl, contrib/mysnmpwalk.pl, contrib/host_probe.pl, contrib/Makedoc.pl, compile_skin.pl, bswebalarm.pl, bswebadmin.pl, bstrapd.pl, bshistory.pl, bigsister/utils/set_transparent.pl, bigsister/utils/mib2txt.pl, bigsister/utils/def2mib.pl, bigsister/notify.pl, bigsister/log_mail.pl, bigsister/contrib/webize.pl, bigsister/contrib/mysnmpwalk.pl, bigsister/contrib/host_probe.pl, bigsister/contrib/Makedoc.pl, bigsister/compile_skin.pl, bigsister/bswebalarm.pl, bigsister/bswebadmin.pl, bigsister/bstrapd.pl, bigsister/bshistory.pl, bigsister/bbd.pl, bigsister/bb_stop32.pl, bigsister/bb_start32.pl, bigsister/Makefile, bbd.pl, bb_stop32.pl, bb_start32.pl, Makefile:
	use "use lib" in place of -I

2001/06/24 20:00:00 RELEASE 0.97

2001/06/24 15:06:56 (aeby)	HOWTO:
	added new section

2001/06/19 17:17:59 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/TrackLast.pm:
	oops - event(): interprete $cmd-{"expires"} correctly

2001/06/19 17:12:34 (aeby)	bsmonitor/bsmon.pl, bsmonitor/Statusmon/TrackLast.pm, bbd.pl:
	added server side support for "status+expiry-time" messages Big Brother
	uses (Bug #429015)

2001/06/19 17:11:16 (aeby)	Q+A:
	*** empty log message ***

2001/06/19 16:44:43 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/RRDi.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm:
	if RRDi::rrd_create() fails to create a database then throw away all internal
	records of the graph, log an error, retry the next time we get data for this
	graph again (the "rrdtool unavailable" problem, Bug #434281)

2001/06/19 15:45:09 (aeby)	tools/bsgraph.pl:
	replace ":" in graph legend by " " (since ":" has a special meaning when invoking

2001/06/19 15:32:41 (aeby)	common.pm:
	added missing openlog() in syslog logging code (Bug #434408)

2001/06/19 15:31:53 (aeby)	etc/syslog:
	extended initial syslog file

2001/06/19 15:31:36 (aeby)	CONFIG, uxmon/Monitor/logfile.pm:
	fixed behaviour when log file is inaccessible (Bug #434082), added support
	for spreading log messages over multiple columns (support for multiple

2001/06/17 17:08:32 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/PerfLib.pm:
	compensate unsigned 4byte-Counters being interpreted as signed int, fix
	sign for delta_counter counters

2001/06/09 14:40:22 (aeby)	Makefile:
	removed debugging code

2001/06/09 14:04:33 (aeby)	contrib/makebinary:
	checked in working version

2001/06/09 12:50:19 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/_executor:
	added experimental _executor (used in procs test)

2001/06/09 12:44:28 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/load:
	Win32: if CPU "_Total" exists then prefer using _Total as the average
	CPU load and do not report "_Total" as an additional CPU

2001/06/09 12:43:18 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/_evaluator:
	also set $args{_evaluator} if a "cached" evaluator is re-used

2001/06/09 12:41:44 (aeby)	platforms/BS_win32.pm:
	when trying to replace a file under Win32: change file attributes in order
	to make IIS release the file so that we can replace it.

2001/06/09 12:40:35 (aeby)	etc/perf:
	also report perflib.Processor.*.InstanceName used for determining the
	name of a CPU

2001/06/09 12:39:29 (aeby)	graphtemplates, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm:
	allow setting/using variables in graphtemplates.
	graphtemplates: Windows CPU graphs: Use InstanceName for displaying the
	name of a CPU (since W2k introduced "CPU" _Total)

2001/06/09 12:36:01 (aeby)	Makefile:
	yet another PERL setting flaw fixed

2001/06/01 21:40:53 (aeby)	Makefile:
	yet another approach to fix the PERL= problem: is backticks more portable
	than $(shell? It seems so ... it solves any open issues :-)

2000/05/24 20:00:00 RELEASE 0.96

2001/05/20 16:13:53 (aeby)	contrib/webize.pl:
	accept additional underline characters for titles

2001/05/20 16:13:04 (aeby)	etc/perfslow:
	added snmp.*ups variables (UPS monitoring)

2001/05/20 16:12:27 (aeby)	config_links:
	added imap and ftp links to _tcp

2001/05/20 16:12:01 (aeby)	tools/install32.pl:
	determine the installation drive from the CWD

2001/05/20 16:02:10 (aeby)	platforms/BS_win32.pm:
	background_process(): run background processes with flag CREATE_NO_WINDOW
	rather than DETACHED_PROCESS (Bug #425662).

2001/05/20 14:52:06 (aeby)	platforms/BS_win32.pm:
	system(): if a program looks like a perl script run the perl interpreter

2001/05/20 13:04:16 (aeby)	Makefile:
	introduced the PERLEXT option allowing us to set the file extension used
	for installing CGIs - some systems (Win32) need special extensions for
	associating files with the perl interpreter

2001/05/18 06:53:31 (aeby)	tools/bsgraph.pl, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm:
	added "grtype" attribute for graphs, added support for "AREA" and "STACK"
	graphs in bsgraph (contributed by Eduardo Tarasiuk, Feature Request

2001/05/18 06:47:09 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/fs.pm:
	fixed initial $mpcnt value

2001/05/04 17:35:05 (aeby)	common.pm:
	PATH on Win32 systems: include the system path

2001/05/04 17:34:39 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/diskfree:
	fixed Win32 usage of fs=all*

2001/05/04 15:51:41 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/fs.pm, uxmon/Config/diskfree, uxmon-net, CONFIG:
	added new syntax/semantics for diskfree test as suggested/contributed
	by Peter McCormack

2001/05/03 15:55:49 (aeby)	graphtemplates, etc/perf:
	added additional graphs suggested by Eduardo Tarasiuk

2001/05/03 15:38:44 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/ups, graphtemplates, etc/mibs.txt, CONFIG:
	added the "ups" test to uxmon

2001/05/03 15:26:51 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Evaluator.pm:
	late_check(): pass ourself to checker subroutines

2001/05/01 18:04:51 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/cpuload.pm:
	on FreeBSD "uptime" outputs "load averages:" rather than "load average:" -
	fixed parsing of the output as suggested by Martin Werthmoeller
	(Bug #419828)

2001/05/01 11:17:27 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/ldap_mozilla.pm, uxmon/Config/ldap_mozilla, CONFIG:
	added the "ldap_mozilla" check contributed by MdVB

2001/05/01 11:13:17 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/command, CONFIG:
	added "command" uxmon check as suggested by MdVB

2001/05/01 09:15:45 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/realhttp.pm, uxmon/Monitor/radius.pm, uxmon/Monitor/ldap.pm:
	fixed old style (obsolete) usage of uxmon::report() and replaced it by
	(thanks Manuel de Vega Barreiro for pointing me to this)

2001/04/22 19:29:23 (goochjj)	uxmon/Monitor/mrtg.pm:
	percentage thresholds, internal shuffling

2001/04/22 19:20:33 (goochjj)	CONFIG:
	documented atmport,etherport, and mrtg checks

2001/04/22 15:32:01 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/procs.pm, uxmon/Config/procs, CONFIG:
	determine default pscomm in a different way: preferably use "ps -e".
	Introduced the "alternate=" option to "procs": Use "ps -ef" in case
	alternate is on.

2001/04/22 12:22:24 (aeby)	PROTOCOL:
	added "remove" command to bsadmin, added documentation for the new "remove"
	bsadmin: cleaned up the "status" command

2001/04/22 12:18:38 (aeby)	tools/bsadmin.pl, HOWTO, CONFIG:
	*** empty log message ***

2001/04/21 23:10:45 (goochjj)	bsmonitor/bsmon.pl, bsmonitor/Statusmon/grouping.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm:
	remove command now works properly with bsmon

2001/04/21 20:48:53 (goochjj)	bbd.pl, access.pm:
	Added support for "remove" command, which removes status/text entries on the fly.  remove host.item will make it disappear from the graph.  This commit only fixes bbd, still working on bsmon.

2001/04/21 12:14:34 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/_tcp, CONFIG:
	added "timeout" argument to tcp class checks

2001/04/21 12:05:40 (aeby)	uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl:
	if host name in adm/grouping is 'localhost' replace it by the name of
	the machine hosting uxmon (IVI)

2001/04/21 09:46:17 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/ldap.pm, README, uxmon/Config/ldap:
	added ldap monitor (contributed by Manuel de Vega Barreiro)

2001/04/01 17:06:46 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/ping.pm:
	changed default data size for icmp pings to '20' (some exotic machines seem
	to expect minimum data sizes)

2001/04/01 15:16:41 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/snmpvar:
	added (still undocumented) snmpvar check

2001/04/01 15:12:34 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/_storage, README:
	imported Eduardo Tarasiuks' modifications to make Novell SNMP disk free
	monitoring work correctly (use Netware MIB rather than standard Host-MIB)

2001/04/01 15:03:40 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/tripwire, README, HOWTO, CONFIG:
	added 'tripwire' monitor (contributed by Boris Bellorini, Trivadis AG)

2001/04/01 14:55:50 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/oracle.pm, uxmon/Config/oracle, sample/oracle/bs-user-view.sql, README, HOWTO, CONFIG:
	added "oracle" monitor (contributed by Philip Markwalder)

2001/03/26 18:26:50 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/procs.pm, uxmon/Monitor/Monitor.pm, uxmon/Config/procs, uxmon/Config/diskfree:
	introduced new (experimental) support for remote monitoring of procs/diskfree
	of Unix machines

2001/03/25 13:59:28 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/_snmp, CONFIG:
	_snmp changes contributed by Steve Chan:
	support for "type=storage,linux snmp"

2001/03/24 20:17:51 (ikkyu)	uxmon-net:
	*** empty log message ***

2001/03/21 18:35:39 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/ping.pm, Makefile:
	(Bug #410222): Makefile: etc/resources file was not installed correctly
	and therefore the PATH was not set correctly.
	ping.pm: deleted one line more than I should have deleted when removing
	local PATH settings - the line starting the fping command for proto=fping
	ping checks

2001/03/20 17:40:54 (goochjj)	uxmon/Config/etherport, uxmon/Monitor/etherport.pm:
	modified etherport check to not memory leak as atmport did

2001/03/09 13:14:58 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/tcp.pm:
	fixed mistake in pop3 expect/send patterns

2001/03/05 18:19:53 (ikkyu)	README:
	changed CGI= to CGIPATH=

2001/03/04 14:23:45 (aeby)	uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl, uxmon/Monitor/tcp.pm, uxmon/Config/http, uxmon/Config/_tcp, common.pm, CONFIG:
	common.pm: parse() support for "\" escaped characters in strings
	Config/_tcp / http: accept a number of additional arguments
	Monitor::tcp: more general add_any, removed other add_*() methods

2001/03/04 11:00:48 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/tcp.pm, uxmon/Monitor/fs.pm:
	made the status reports look much nicer on the status display

2001/03/04 10:43:37 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/tcp.pm, uxmon/Config/http, CONFIG:
	added "check" argument to http check (Bug #231205)
	tcp.pm module: format the "session data" section more userfriendly

2001/03/03 17:02:17 (aeby)	uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl, uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm, tools/bsadmin.pl, bsmonitor/Statusmon/grouping.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/DisplayCFG.pm, common.pm, bswebalarm.pl, bswebadmin.pl, bsmonitor/bsmon.pl, bshistory.pl, bbd.pl:
	altered support for host names containing "." characters: by default Big
	Sister does no name mangling any more (it's of no use anyway). There is
	an exception: when talking with Big Brother Big Sister replaces "."
	characters by ","

2001/03/03 16:59:11 (aeby)	etc/etc_resources, etc/adm_resources:
	default resources files

2001/03/03 10:36:56 (aeby)	Makefile:
	beware of using VAR:=VALUE construct (Bug #405624)

2001/03/01 18:20:57 (aeby)	CONFIG:
	*** empty log message ***

2001/02/23 14:54:29 (aeby)	contrib/cvslog2changes:
	fixed sorting of entries

2001/02/23 14:54:04 (aeby)	contrib/Makedoc.pl:
	call bsmon with all the necessary arguments

2001/02/23 14:52:53 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/ping.pm, uxmon/Monitor/cmd.pm, tools/page_meridian.pl, log_mail.pl, bbd.pl, common.pm, HOWTO:
	PATH is centrally managed via common.pm and etc/resources & adm/resources

2001/02/23 14:46:41 (aeby)	Makefile:
	install etc/resources and adm/resources files
	set permissions on uxmon/Config/* files to 444 (no need to be executable)

2001/02/23 14:45:12 (aeby)	evgen/bs_event_generator.pl:
	obsolete: moved to bsmon

2001/02/18 18:47:05 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm:
	introduced new function time_in_range(), use it in compile() for compiling
	"daytime xx:yy-pp:qq" pseudos. time_in_range() is based on time_at().
	(Bug #129080)

2001/02/18 18:01:24 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm:
	added time_at() function, use time_at() in raise() for processing postpone_to
	config options

2001/02/14 19:15:13 (jgooch)	contrib/mibs/atmgear.txt:
	tom is hiding things from me... :) see etc/mibs.txt commit

2001/02/14 19:13:59 (jgooch)	etc/mibs.txt:
	added ASXProcUtil so CPU check for ASX switches works

2001/02/11 19:27:05 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/realhttp.pm:
	check(): call HTTP::Request->request in an eval block and catch fatal failures
	(Bug #131896)

2001/02/11 17:25:24 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/tcp.pm:
	check(): initialize $msg before each test, replace non-printable characters
	with '.' before reporting data as "Session data" comment, do not report
	the "Session data" comment if no data is available

2001/02/05 05:56:29 (jgooch)	uxmon/Config/software:
	software check modified to share snmp instance with everything else, and
	_evaluator is back

2001/02/05 05:41:14 (jgooch)	uxmon/Monitor/atmport.pm, uxmon/Config/atmport:
	fixed HUGE memory leak (found by Tom Aeby)

2001/02/05 05:39:48 (jgooch)	uxmon/Config/_snmp:
	- Added support for checking the cpu on Marconi ASX/LE ATM switches (type=asxcpu)
	- reordered hrProcessorLoad to use add_walk_check

2001/02/05 05:37:41 (jgooch)	uxmon/Monitor/snmp.pm:
	If the variable isn't defined, don't report green, report purple

2001/02/04 14:25:21 (aeby)	skins/twocolumn/template.proto:
	added skin "twocolumn": it displays the tables in two columns

2001/02/04 14:22:01 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm:
	as suggested by Peter McCormack: create_page() fills each table/image into
	resp. This makes it possible to address individual tables in skins

2001/01/25 19:34:25 (aeby)	common.pm:
	for all Sys::Syslog calls: envelope them in eval {...}; and set $BigSister::common::syslog
	to 0 if eval fails. On many systems Sys::Syslog does not work correctly.

2001/01/14 15:53:36 (aeby)	skins/default/alarm.proto:

2001/01/14 15:46:05 (aeby)	skins/static_lamps/clear.gif, bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm, bsmonitor/bsmon.pl, common.pm, bswebalarm.pl:
	added "maintenance mode":
	  - skins: added "white" lamps (aka. "maintenance")
	           added maintenance mode on alarm page
	  - common.pm: added "white" status
	  - bbd.pl/bsmon.pl: accept "*" wildcarded check in acknowledge messages
	  	   bsmon.pl: ignore status messages as long as a host/check is in
		   maintenance mode
	  - bswebalarm.pl: support for maintenance mode via alarm acknowledging and
	    via "Ignored Checks" form
	  - bs_evgen: accept maintenance acknowledges and provide "acknowledge"
	    feature provider API to other modules, set status of hosts/checks in
	    maintenance mode to white, status of hosts/checks leaving maintenance
	    mode to clear

2001/01/14 15:45:59 (aeby)	bbd.pl, skins/default/statclear.gif, skins/default/clear.gif, skins/default/white.gif, skins/default/statwhite.gif, skins/default/alarm_maint_error.proto, skins/default/alarm_ack_form.proto, skins/default/ALARM_MAINTENANCE.inc:
	added "maintenance mode":
	  - skins: added "white" lamps (aka. "maintenance")
	           added maintenance mode on alarm page
	  - common.pm: added "white" status
	  - bbd.pl/bsmon.pl: accept "*" wildcarded check in acknowledge messages
	  	   bsmon.pl: ignore status messages as long as a host/check is in
		   maintenance mode
	  - bswebalarm.pl: support for maintenance mode via alarm acknowledging and
	    via "Ignored Checks" form
	  - bs_evgen: accept maintenance acknowledges and provide "acknowledge"
	    feature provider API to other modules, set status of hosts/checks in
	    maintenance mode to white, status of hosts/checks leaving maintenance
	    mode to clear

2001/01/05 15:40:01 (aeby)	common.pm:
	do not call Sys::Syslog::*() if syslog is not available!

2000/01/05 20:00:00 RELEASE 0.95

2001/01/03 18:55:19 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, bbdisp.pm:
	if unable to overwrite summary page: schedule retry for next run() call
	(Bug #123340)

2001/01/03 18:26:27 (aeby)	graphtemplates:
	Wrong limit for NT network statistics fixed (Bug #122784)

2001/01/03 18:17:44 (aeby)	bsmonitor/bsmon.cfg, bsmonitor/Statusmon/TrackLast.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Statusmon.pm:
	set status of checks with no report for 900s to purple (Bug #126298)

2001/01/02 20:33:51 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/grouping.pm:
	added isgroup() method to grouping.pm, use isgroup() when expanding
	groups in %table statement (Bug #126299)

2001/01/02 18:44:01 (aeby)	bscgi.pm:
	when building skin set: read default skin, then CGI default skins, then
	user defined skins

2001/01/02 18:42:49 (aeby)	skins/webadmin/groupref.proto, skins/webadmin/bysub_element.proto, skins/webadmin/bygroup_element.proto, skins/webadmin/admin_textmenuentry.proto, skins/webadmin/admin_symbolmenuentry.proto, skins/webadmin/admin_submenuentry.proto, skins/webadmin/admin_groupadmin_details_element.proto, skins/webadmin/admin_groupadmin_details.proto, skins/webadmin/admin_groupadmin.proto, skins/webadmin/admin_create_group.proto:
	path to bswebadmin cgi is @ADMIN_PATH.inc@ instead of "bswebadmin"
	(Bug #123188)

2001/01/02 18:16:04 (aeby)	platforms/BS_win32.pm:
	Bug #123340: do never call unlink() without calling rename() just after.
	This should prevent bsmon from removing html pages without replacing them
	by new ones after.

2000/12/21 19:19:50 (jgooch)	uxmon/Monitor/ping.pm:
	fping now does standard deviation checks

2000/12/21 19:19:03 (aeby)	common.pm:
	openlog(): enabled unix socket usage (as originally suggested by jgooch),
	got rid of the "cons" syslog() option.

2000/12/21 18:59:23 (jgooch)	uxmon/Monitor/atmport.pm:
	if no port can be resolved, assumes FORE ports

2000/12/09 17:13:55 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm, bbdisp.pm:
	close files/directories after use

2000/12/09 17:12:14 (aeby)	common.pm:
	removed 'nowait' syslog option from openlog() (Bug #125041 #125042)

2000/12/08 18:24:07 (aeby)	platforms/BS_win32.pm:
	retry rename() since it might temporarily fail due to share violations

2000/12/08 18:22:57 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm:
	accept multiple pending graphs watching simultaneously for the same
	performance variable

2000/12/08 18:21:14 (aeby)	notify.pl:
	use Platform::system() call instead of calling system() directly

2000/12/08 18:20:33 (aeby)	bbd.pl:
	accept 'perf' client command with empty values

2000/12/08 18:19:18 (aeby)	Makefile:
	install compile_skin script

2000/12/08 18:16:57 (aeby)	tools/bsgraph.pl:
	on Windows systems: write rrdtool created images into a temp file and
	output the contents of this file (workaround for textmode file problem)

2000/11/22 20:34:15 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/memory:
	stop reporting "no data available" if value is 0

2000/11/22 20:33:21 (aeby)	tools/bsgraph.pl:
	use Platform::filepath() (BUG#122782)

2000/11/22 20:32:11 (aeby)	uxmon-net:
	monitor 'network' by default (BUG#122784)

2000/11/22 20:30:30 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm, platforms/BS_win32.pm, platforms/BS_unix.pm:
	added Platform::filepath() method for converting paths into OS specific
	representation. Fixed usage of quote character in system() call on Win32

2000/11/22 20:28:25 (aeby)	etc/perf, uxmon/Config/network, graphtemplates:
	added NT network performance variables

2000/11/12 17:24:31 (aeby)	platforms/BS_win32.pm, platforms/BS_unix.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/RRDi.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm:
	introduced Platform::system() call (fix for strange Win32 system())

2000/11/12 16:47:27 (aeby)	platforms/BS_win32.pm, platforms/BS_unix.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/BBLog.pm, bbdisp.pm, bbd.pl, RotatingLog.pm:
	introduced Platform::replace function replacing rename().

2000/11/12 13:15:03 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/memory, uxmon/Config/load, uxmon/Config/diskload, uxmon/Config/diskfree:
	_evaluator: pass $evaluator via the %args hash

2000/11/12 13:14:59 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/_storage, uxmon/Config/_snmp, uxmon/Config/_evaluator:
	_evaluator: pass $evaluator via the %args hash

2000/11/11 15:38:31 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/grouping.pm:
	support for "%Option [+/-]KeepGroups" in bb-display.cfg

2000/11/11 15:37:49 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/HTMLLog.pm:
	stop ignoring "%Option [+/-]ImmediateHTML" in bb-display.cfg

2000/11/11 15:37:00 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/BBLog.pm:
	stop ignoring "%Option [+/-]BBLog" in bb-display.cfg

2000/11/11 15:36:18 (aeby)	bbd.pl:
	removed -l option, use Statusmon::DisplaCFG module for reading bb-display.cfg,
	support for 'Autoconn' feature missing since version 0.92

2000/11/01 20:00:00 RELEASE 0.94

2000/10/30 21:39:41 (aeby)	skins/default/META_HEADER.inc:
	added 'pragma: no-cache' directive to 'dynamic' pages

2000/10/30 21:30:38 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm:
	default for 'heartbeat' is 5*input-interval not 5*value-type

2000/10/30 21:29:11 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm:
	create_table(): search for www/graphs/<group>.html, not
	www/graphs/<host description>.html
	create_table(): correctly resolve table defs like '+GROUP' or '++GROUP'

2000/10/30 21:26:44 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/grouping.pm:
	only set 'locked_title' flag if title is really locked

2000/10/29 19:48:51 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, display_map.pm:
	made display maps work again

2000/10/29 18:59:59 (aeby)	tools/bsgraph.pl:
	avoid cacheing of performance graphs

2000/10/29 18:59:29 (aeby)	skins/default/graph_page.proto, skins/default/graph_index_entry.proto, skins/default/graph_index.proto:
	added 6 hours graph

2000/10/29 18:37:20 (aeby)	skins/bigbro13/table.proto, skins/bigbro13/table_titlecolumn.proto:
	added graph support

2000/10/29 19:48:51 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, display_map.pm:
	made display maps work again

2000/10/29 18:59:59 (aeby)	tools/bsgraph.pl:
	avoid cacheing of performance graphs

2000/10/29 18:59:29 (aeby)	skins/default/graph_page.proto, skins/default/graph_index_entry.proto, skins/default/graph_index.proto:
	added 6 hours graph

2000/10/29 18:37:20 (aeby)	skins/bigbro13/table.proto, skins/bigbro13/table_titlecolumn.proto:
	added graph support

2000/10/24 20:19:56 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/sar.pm:
	set performance variables

2000/10/24 20:19:34 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm:
	do perf variable resolution from time to time - often directly after a
	restart, only every few hours during normal operation

2000/10/24 20:18:29 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/Monitor.pm, uxmon/Config/load, uxmon/Config/diskload, uxmon/Config/diskfree:
	replaced whitespace by underscores in variable names

2000/10/24 20:17:21 (aeby)	tools/bsgraph.pl:
	added zoom function

2000/10/24 20:17:00 (aeby)	skins/default/table_titlecolumn.proto:
	added graph icon

2000/10/24 20:16:59 (aeby)	skins/default/table.proto:
	added graph icon

2000/10/24 20:15:44 (aeby)	skins/default/graph_page.proto, skins/default/graph_image.proto:
	avoid using tables

2000/10/24 20:14:31 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm:
	numerous changes including creation of index files and many more

2000/10/24 20:12:18 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm:
	show graph icon in HTML status tables

2000/10/24 20:11:20 (aeby)	bsmonitor/bsmon.cfg:
	added Grapher and RRDi

2000/10/24 20:08:59 (aeby)	bb-display.cfg, uxmon-net:
	default configuration: use structured_bg, support for performance data
	collection is in uxmon-net but commented out

2000/10/24 20:06:20 (aeby)	etc/perfslow, etc/perf, graphtemplates:
	added a few more graphs

2000/10/24 20:04:46 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/lxMeminfo.pm, uxmon/Config/memory:
	added Linux Meminfo monitor

2000/10/24 20:03:44 (aeby)	skins/default/graph_tablecell.proto, skins/default/graph_index_entry.proto, skins/default/gotograph.gif, skins/default/graph_index.proto:
	added graph support to default skin

2000/10/22 17:53:08 (aeby)	uxmon-net:
	ooops, little mistake, frequency is meant to be 5/30 minutes, not 600/1800

2000/10/22 17:18:36 (aeby)	Makefile:
	added latest files

2000/10/22 17:17:36 (aeby)	bb_start:
	start bsmon before bbd before uxmon so that the server does not miss the
	first value

2000/10/22 17:14:30 (aeby)	uxmon-net, etc/perfslow, etc/perf:
	added sample perf data collection / visualizing

2000/10/22 17:12:38 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/sar.pm:
	set_variable() for each value collected from sar

2000/10/22 17:11:43 (aeby)	bscgi.pm:
	accept command line arguments like "variable=value" and pass them like
	CGI arguments

2000/10/22 17:10:18 (aeby)	tools/bsgraph.pl, skins/default/graph_page.proto, skins/default/graph_image.proto, graphtemplates, bsmonitor/Statusmon/RRDi.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Grapher.pm:
	added support for performance data graphing via RRDTool

2000/10/19 19:40:04 (aeby)	uxmon/Monitor/fs.pm:
	check(): report device as disk.fs....device

2000/10/12 19:56:40 (aeby)	Makefile:
	call compile_skin with explicit include path during installation

2000/10/12 09:38:53 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm:
	alarm queueing and removal: more verbose logging.
	raise(): stop removing alarms when (delay < now). This caused alarms to
	be accidentally dropped.

2000/10/12 09:16:44 (aeby)	bsmonitor/bsmon.pl:
	introduced waitchildren(): do wait for child processes more regularly and
	try to avoid zombies

2000/10/08 16:54:51 (aeby)	display_map.pm:
	read/write images in binary mode

2000/10/08 15:59:36 (aeby)	contrib/examples/uxmon-net.servers, contrib/examples/uxmon-net.farm3, contrib/examples/uxmon-net.farm2, contrib/examples/uxmon-net.farm1, contrib/examples/uxmon-net.bsdisplay, contrib/examples/uxmon-net, contrib/examples/permissions.bsdisplay, contrib/examples/notify.cfg, contrib/examples/grouping.linuxws, contrib/examples/bsmon_site.cfg, contrib/examples/bigsister.cron.bsdisplay, contrib/examples/bb_event_generator.cfg.bsdisplay, contrib/examples/bb-display.cfg.demosite, contrib/examples/bb-display.cfg.bsdisplay:
	added some sample config files

2000/10/08 15:50:31 (aeby)	skins/default/SMALL_LEGEND.inc:
	added clear and blue status

2000/10/08 15:42:02 (aeby)	display_map.pm:
	added support for blue and clear status

2000/10/08 15:22:25 (aeby)	skins/default/LEGEND.inc:
	added blue and clear status

2000/10/08 15:18:53 (aeby)	skins/default/statyellow.png, skins/default/statred.png, skins/default/statpurple.png, skins/default/statgreen.png, skins/default/statclear.png, skins/default/statblue.png:
	added PNG status lights (used in image maps)

2000/10/08 14:55:07 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm:
	removed isingroup() method not belonging here
	shortened expiry time for web pages to 60secs

2000/10/08 00:18:19 (aeby)	skins/frames/frameset.proto:
	enhanced frames (Torben Sorensen)

2000/10/08 00:01:50 (aeby)	tools/page_meridian.pl, Makefile:
	added page_meridian (pager script for Nortel Meridian PBX) - use with

2000/10/07 23:54:51 (aeby)	contrib/release_bigsister:
	fixed path to "makedoc"

2000/10/07 23:53:56 (aeby)	contrib/Makedoc.pl:
	dirty hack: use bsmon in place of 'bbd -c' for doc file generation

2000/10/07 23:50:33 (aeby)	contrib/cvslog2changes:
	log author in changes file

2000/10/07 23:48:29 (aeby)	bb_start:
	added contributions from Tim Powell regarding SCO Openserver support

2000/10/07 23:40:24 (aeby)	bsmonitor/Statusmon/grouping.pm, bswebadmin.pl:
	bswebadmin: use Statusmon::grouping (instead of former bbdisp) for reading
	grouping information. Statusmon::grouping: added read_groups() and
	enum_groups() method.

2000/10/07 22:43:25 (aeby)	bsmonitor/bsmon.pl, bbd.pl, RotatingLog.pm:
	when it's time to do a logrotate for var/status.log:
	  - bbd (RotatingLog.pm) logs a 'logrotate' command in status.log
	  - bbd (RotatingLog.pm) tries to rename the log file for 60 secs
	  - bsmon closes status.log as soon as it sees the logrotate command
	  - bsmon re-opens status.log when its size changes
	This is for Win32 systems (on Windows NT you cannot rename an open file,
	so both bbd and bsmon have to close status.log before bbd can rotate

2000/10/01 17:10:55 (aeby)	common.pm:
	log(): change syslog level "warn" to "warning" (some modules erroneously
	use "warn")

2000/10/01 16:07:48 (aeby)	platforms/BS_win32.pm:
	fixed rivalling bswait_nohang()

2000/10/01 16:00:55 (aeby)	platforms/BS_unix.pm, uxmon/uxmon.pl:
	added dummy bswait_nohang to BS_win32.pm, fixed bswait_nohang call in
	bsmon and uxmon

2000/09/09 22:18:37 (aeby)	uxmon/Config/diskfree:
	added 'df -k -B' as an other alternative for checking capacity
	(SCO OpenServer)

2000/08/23 20:00:00 RELEASE 0.93

2000/08/23 18:18:18 (aeby)	skins/static_lamps/clear.gif, skins/static_lamps/blue.gif, skins/default/statclear.gif, skins/default/statblue.gif, skins/default/nb-clear.gif, skins/default/nb-blue.gif, skins/default/clear.gif, skins/default/bkg-clear.gif, skins/default/blue.gif, skins/default/bkg-blue.gif:
	added gifs for blue and clear state

2000/08/21 22:28:49 (aeby)	tools/install32.pl:
	Event generator replaced by bsmon

2000/08/09 15:22:31	uxmon/Monitor/logfile.pm:
	added 'm' flag for matching regular expressions listed in config files in
	order to make '^' and '$' work in a more useful way

2000/08/09 15:21:17	etc/snmp_trap:
	added sample configuration for bsmon SNMP traps

2000/08/09 15:20:33	etc/syslog:
	ignore bsmon syslog entries

2000/07/27 20:38:37	uxmon/Monitor/ping.pm:
	add just a little verbosity

2000/07/27 20:31:30	uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl, uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm:
	uxmon always matches adm/grouping, even w/ deletions

2000/07/27 13:38:59	skins/default/history.proto, bshistory.pl:
	made bshistory 'bsadmin savelogs' compliant

2000/07/27 11:19:01	bshistory.pl:
	fixed handling of year in start date

2000/07/26 15:01:48	display_map.pm:
	added support for new GD module with missing GIF but additional PNG and
	JPEG support

2000/07/25 16:03:21	install_links, config_links, Makefile:
	create uxmon/Config/* links via a script

2000/07/25 15:36:06	bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Statusmon.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Rsync.pm, bsmonitor/bsmon.pl, platforms/BS_win32.pm, platforms/BS_unix.pm:
	platforms/*.pm: introduced $Platform::has_fork flag. Statusmon:
	introduced background() and abort() method. Rsync: Use background()
	method instead of calling fork(), work also if backgrounding is
	impossible (Windows NT). bs_evgen: do not flush states() if module
	was abort()-ed (e.g. when running in a child process).

2000/07/25 15:09:55	bsmonitor/Statusmon/DisplayCFG.pm:
	use the cfgfile module instead of the builtin config file reader

2000/07/25 15:08:39	bsmonitor/bsmon.pl, bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm:
	use the cfgfile module instead of the builtin config file reader

2000/07/25 14:37:17	uxmon-net, uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl:
	use the cfgfile module instead of the builtin config file reader -
	therefore the include statement now works ...
	Clear the argument hash (%args) after each invocation of a Config/*
	monitor configuring script in order to avoid side effects.
	Added the "DEFAULT" feature (see sample uxmon-net)

2000/07/25 14:32:30	tools/cfgfile.pm, Makefile:
	added 'cfgfile' module as a standard module for reading config file
	and offering some minimum basic semantics (such as the "include" statement,
	'#' as the comment character, etc.)

2000/07/13 19:52:53	bbdisp.pm:
	use BigSister::common::status_texts for backgrounds

2000/07/13 19:21:00	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm:
	make status summarize to "clear" if group is empty

2000/07/13 18:19:11	uxmon/Monitor/ping.pm:
	new fping style of reporting
	added support for -C option, reports standard deviation and variance as well
	as max/min/avg.  Next step is to add a monitor to the standard deviation (as
	soon as I figure out what good defaults are)

2000/07/13 18:17:13	uxmon/Monitor/snmp.pm:
	relative walk oids update

2000/07/13 18:14:09	uxmon/Monitor/cmd.pm, uxmon/Config/dns, uxmon/Config/ntp:
	moved status_codes hash out of Config script, into Monitor

2000/07/13 18:11:59	uxmon/Monitor/tcp.pm:
	made aware of closed connections (much faster!)
	fixed regexp matching
	now does HTTP HEAD operation instead of HTTP GET

2000/07/06 00:12:08	uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm:
	sysreport(): do not retry connecting to the server if a number of reports
	are sent at once

2000/07/06 00:04:47	bbdisp.pm:
	moved rsync code

2000/07/06 00:03:42	bsmonitor/bsmon.cfg, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Rsync.pm:
	added Rsync module

2000/07/06 00:02:22	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Statusmon.pm, bsmonitor/bsmon.pl:
	added get_current_*() methods, write current_status_c hash into bsmon.state
	file too, fixed text separation code in status message receiver

2000/07/05 23:29:08	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Statusmon.pm, bsmonitor/bsmon.pl:
	added get_checks() method

2000/07/05 21:56:08	bsmonitor/Statusmon/DisplayCFG.pm:
	use Socket library

2000/07/05 21:49:57	bsmonitor/Statusmon/grouping.pm:
	added get_groups() method

2000/07/01 04:59:27	uxmon/Monitor/ping.pm:
	include more verbosity, allow for multiple responses from a sub
	revamp of fping coming up

2000/07/01 04:56:48	uxmon/Monitor/ping.pm:
	use status hashes from common.pm, revamp return structure to accomodate

2000/06/30 18:53:59	uxmon/Monitor/rpc.pm:
	call(): when reading data packets before sending out a request do not
	overwrite the send buffer $msg

2000/06/29 15:41:09	uxmon/Monitor/sar.pm, uxmon/Monitor/rpc_ping.pm, uxmon/Monitor/realhttp.pm:
	use main::status_* hashes

2000/06/28 20:42:36	uxmon/Monitor/tcp.pm, uxmon/Monitor/statusfile.pm, uxmon/Monitor/snmp.pm:
	use common main::status_* hashes

2000/06/28 20:23:47	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm, skins/default/BGROUND.inc:
	back ground (BGROUND variable) is now determined via skins, removed obsolete
	hashes from Display.pm

2000/06/28 16:07:23	uxmon/Monitor/radius.pm, uxmon/Monitor/procs.pm, uxmon/Monitor/mrtg.pm:
	use common main::status_* hashes

2000/06/27 21:58:52	uxmon/Config/ntp, uxmon/Config/dns:
	use common main::status_* hashes instead of private ones

2000/06/27 21:58:13	uxmon/Monitor/mrtg.pm, uxmon/Monitor/metastat.pm, uxmon/Monitor/fs.pm, uxmon/Monitor/etherport.pm, uxmon/Monitor/dumpdates.pm, uxmon/Monitor/cpuload.pm, uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm, uxmon/Monitor/atmport.pm, uxmon/Monitor/Evaluator.pm:
	use common main::status_* hashes

2000/06/27 21:30:46	uxmon/Config/logfile:
	fixed typo

2000/06/27 21:29:26	uxmon/Config/logfile:
	use common main::status_* instead of private %status hash

2000/06/27 21:19:33	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Statusmon.pm, bsmonitor/bsmon.pl:
	use common main::status_* hashes instead of private %stati / %textstati

2000/06/27 21:15:24	bbd.pl:
	removed status_values hash - not used any more

2000/06/27 21:12:04	common.pm:
	added status_texts and status_codes hashes

2000/06/26 22:40:30	uxmon/Monitor/ping.pm:
	detect open3() errors, detect hosts that don't respond or fail

2000/06/26 22:37:10	uxmon/Config/_snmp:
	operstatus is NOT a differential check (duh)

2000/06/26 22:08:23	bbd.pl:
	bbd dies mysteriously, fixed.

2000/06/22 20:20:28	Schedule.pm:
	do all checks on reconfigure (fix)

2000/06/22 19:01:01	uxmon/Config/software, uxmon/Config/ntp:
	args hash is inherited, don't modify it in Config scripts...

2000/06/22 19:00:58	uxmon/Config/metastat:
	args hash is inherited, don't modify it in Config scripts...

2000/06/21 18:32:48	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm:
	quick fix for background colors not displaying

2000/06/21 14:57:57	uxmon/Monitor/cpuload.pm:
	Make CPUload report full uptime response for verbosity (stat 100)

2000/06/21 05:39:20	uxmon/Monitor/snmp.pm:
	Fix duplicates checking to make it work.

2000/06/20 23:02:45	Makefile:
	missed bs_instdir in common.pm

2000/06/20 22:52:42	contrib/mibs/atmgear.txt, etc/mibs.txt:
	Added mibs for atmport and software checks.  (No one complained?)

2000/06/20 22:28:53	uxmon/Monitor/mrtg.pm:
	Use PNG images now that that is the default for mrtg.  People using GIF
	will have to modify mrtg.pm, search and replace -day.png with -day.gif.

2000/06/20 22:19:55	uxmon/Monitor/fs.pm:
	Report verbose status via status 100

2000/06/20 22:13:28	uxmon/Monitor/atmport.pm:
	Sync atmport with my local copy.
	If a switch is down when the module is loaded, the port cannot be resolved
	to a number.  In this case, we now fall back to a staticly configured hash
	of expected port values. (FORE specific)

2000/06/20 22:07:03	uxmon/Config/_snmp, uxmon/Monitor/snmp.pm:
	SNMP structure modified to allow for walk_checks.  One walk queries the
	values used for many standardized,summarized checks. (see ifErrors check)

2000/06/20 21:55:53	uxmon/Config/bsdisplay, uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm:
	Added bind_ip directive used in conjunction with bsdisplay or bbdisplay.  Used to specify the
	source ip address to use in outgoing status updates.  Useful for machines with multiple IPs.

2000/06/20 21:33:34	log_mail.pl:
	Set QMAILUSER and QMAILNAME to some defaults.  If using qmail, it sets the
	outgoing fields in mail, if not, it's harmless anyway.

2000/06/20 21:24:00	common.pm:
	Added a line to use unix domain sockets for syslog.  Commented out by
	default just in case it would break people.  It works for me, testing on
	other OS's would be good.

2000/06/20 21:11:33	bb_start:
	Set umask in bb_start, also use a login shell for su.  Helps to set ENV
	variables in case of mail.

2000/06/20 21:10:12	Makefile:
	Modified Makefile to use perl for in-place replacement instead of "ed"
	Anyone out there use ed? :)

2000/06/18 18:52:36	bsmonitor/Statusmon/grouping.pm:
	added "join"/"leave" field for groupmembers event

2000/06/18 18:30:19	bsmonitor/bsmon.pl:
	find and interpret agent time stamp in incoming status messages

2000/06/18 18:29:14	bbd.pl:
	when closing connection remove entry not only from connection list
	but also from args list.

2000/06/12 17:20:39	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm:
	removed needs_update() debug output

2000/06/12 17:19:15	uxmon/Monitor/fs.pm:
	fixed performance monitor variable assignment

2000/06/12 17:18:37	uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm:
	dump internal variables to var/uxmon_variables if used in performance
	monitor mode

2000/06/12 17:17:19	bsmonitor/bsmon.pl:
	made current_text and current_status variables accessible via main package

2000/06/12 17:16:07	Schedule.pm:
	count minutes from program startup (therefore avoiding agents doing
	the same at the same time)

2000/06/12 17:14:26	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Display.pm:
	added Display bsmonitor module - creates and maintains the HTML status
	pages in www directory (replaces old code in bbdisp)

2000/06/12 17:13:19	bsmonitor/Statusmon/DisplayCFG.pm:
	fixed bugs in skin handling (assign them consistently to keys in
	the config hash), remember "www" dir

2000/06/12 17:12:09	bsmonitor/Statusmon/HTMLLog.pm:
	take configuration from "config" feature provider, listen to config

2000/06/12 17:11:15	bsmonitor/Statusmon/grouping.pm:
	added group status support and a few methods for accessing status
	information ("grouping" feature provider)

2000/06/12 17:10:08	bsmonitor/bsmon.cfg:
	added latest modules

2000/06/12 17:09:45	skins/alt_contentsicons/yellow_funny.gif, skins/alt_contentsicons/red_funny.gif, skins/alt_contentsicons/purple_funny.gif, skins/alt_contentsicons/green_funny.gif:
	made transparent

2000/06/12 17:03:18	bbdisp.pm:
	bbdisp is not responsible for group status / HTML status page writing

2000/06/12 17:02:39	bbd.pl:
	bbd is not responsible for writing HTML status pages any more - removed
	relevant code

2000/06/12 11:10:57	bsmonitor/Statusmon/DisplayCFG.pm:
	use "display" feature provider instead of implementing read_skin() method
	within this module

2000/06/12 11:09:16	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Statusmon.pm:
	add "bbdisp" object as a "display" feature provider, provide standard
	methods get_statustext() and get_statuscode for converting status
	codes and texts

2000/06/12 11:07:33	display_map.pm:
	added set_display method (for setting the source object of group status

2000/06/04 18:21:25	bsmonitor/bsmon.pl:
	added metagrouping and config cmd groups, fixed parsing of multiline
	status texts

2000/06/04 18:19:33	bsmonitor/Statusmon/DisplayCFG.pm:
	added DisplayCFG module

2000/06/04 18:18:50	bsmonitor/Statusmon/grouping.pm:
	added grouping module

2000/06/04 18:18:23	bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm:
	use "grouping" feature provider instead of grouping file

2000/06/04 18:17:53	bsmonitor/Statusmon/Statusmon.pm:
	added feature_provider concept, added post_event method

2000/04/21 17:03:01	bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm:
	treat multiline text messages correctly

2000/04/20 14:48:39	uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl:
	when running Config scripts call them via their directory

2000/04/20 14:46:26	uxmon/Config/ntp:
	report yellow (not purple) when not synchronized

2000/04/17 17:23:59	uxmon/uxmon-rules.pl:
	translate "localhost" in adm/grouping into the name of the local host

2000/03/13 20:30:29	uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm:
	avoid dupe groups in join_group() (reported by Joseph G.)

2000/02/13 09:39:49	uxmon/Monitor/realhttp.pm, uxmon/Config/realhttp:
	added 'realhttp' check (contributed by Kevin O'Donnell)

2000/02/13 09:31:21	uxmon/Monitor/radius.pm, uxmon/Config/radius:
	added 'radius' check (contributed by Kevin O'Donnell)

2000/02/11 15:50:23	skins/default/loghtml_text.proto, bsmonitor/bsmon.pl, bsmonitor/bsmon.cfg, bbdisp.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Statusmon.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/HTMLLog.pm:
	moved HTML log file writing to bsmon

2000/02/11 15:29:41	access.pm:
	added "perf" access group

2000/02/06 13:27:52	bsmonitor/Statusmon/BBLog.pm, bsmonitor/bsmon.cfg, bbdisp.pm, bbd.pl:
	moved BBLog function from bbd to bsmon

2000/02/06 12:40:46	bsmonitor/bsmon.pl:
	added time recording for statuschange / textchange events

2000/02/06 12:07:29	bbdisp.pm, bbd.pl, bsmonitor/bsmon.pl, bsmonitor/bsmon.cfg, bsmonitor/Statusmon/history.pm:
	moved display.history file writing into bsmon (from bbd/bbdisp)

2000/02/06 09:56:10	bsmonitor/bsmon.pl:
	in reading loop: if we lag behind for 5 resp. 7 minutes warn and catch

2000/02/05 22:26:27	bsmonitor/Statusmon/test.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/bs_evgen.pm, bsmonitor/Statusmon/Statusmon.pm, bsmonitor/bsmon.pl, bsmonitor/bsmon.cfg:
	initial revision of bsmonitor

2000/02/05 22:25:00	bb_start:
	install and run bsmonitor instead of bb_event_generator

2000/02/05 22:24:59	Makefile:
	install and run bsmonitor instead of bb_event_generator

2000/02/05 21:51:25	bswebalarm.pl, Makefile:
	removed bb_evgen.pm and bb_event_generator.pl (now implemented in
	bsmon, Statusmon::bs_evgen).

2000/02/05 15:33:09	Schedule.pm:
	if sched_frequency is "none" do not invoke run()

2000/02/05 15:23:10	RotatingLog.pm:
	fixed rotating: decrease "cnt" in log()

2000/02/05 12:51:38	uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl:
	fixed parse() call

2000/02/05 12:49:28	uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl, common.pm:
	moved parse() to common.pm

2000/02/05 12:27:21	Makefile:
	moved Schedule.pm to common bin

2000/02/05 12:27:01	uxmon/uxmon.pl:
	moved Schedule module to common modules

2000/02/05 12:26:58	uxmon/Monitor/Monitor.pm, uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm, Schedule.pm:
	moved Schedule module to common modules

2000/01/23 10:06:56	uxmon/Monitor/cpuload.pm:
	fixed bug in setting performance variables

2000/01/23 10:04:49	uxmon/Monitor/procs.pm, uxmon/Monitor/fs.pm, uxmon/Monitor/dumpdates.pm, uxmon/Monitor/cpuload.pm, uxmon/Monitor/Monitor.pm:
	set variables (performance monitoring)

2000/01/23 09:49:35	bbd.pl, uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm, uxmon/Config/bsdisplay:
	added performance data collecting: new arguments 'perfdata' and 'options'
	to bsdisplay agent config, new client/server command 'perf' in bbd

2000/01/22 11:58:40	bswebalarm.pl:
	moved bb_event_generator.state file to var directory

2000/01/18 19:20:09	tools/bsadmin.pl, bbd.pl:
	fixed wrong usage of localtime (y2k problem)

2000/01/10 20:54:26	uxmon/Config/cpuload:
	fixed accidentally mixed up yellow and red levels

2000/01/09 15:58:16	snmp.pm:
	added registered graeff event oid

2000/01/09 13:26:35	uxmon/Monitor/snmp.pm:
	fixed deprecated poll frequency feature

2000/01/08 17:08:23	bbdisp.pm, Makefile:
	fixed silly syntax error

2000/01/08 16:44:53	bshistory.pl, bbdisp.pm, bbd.pl:
	moved display.history to var directory

2000/01/08 16:37:52	bswebalarm.pl, bswebadmin.pl, bbdisp.pm, bbd.pl:
	moved agent.log status.log grouping to var directory

2000/01/08 13:47:28	Makefile:
	create /var directory

2000/01/08 13:31:09	contrib/bigsister.mib, contrib/bigsister.fmt:
	added bigsister MIB

2000/01/08 12:58:05	uxmon/Monitor/ping.pm:
	use PATH in fping check

2000/01/08 12:47:56	uxmon/Config/software:
	enabled generic software check

2000/01/08 10:47:42	uxmon/Monitor/cmd.pm, uxmon/Config/ntp:
	extend the path while check()-ing so that we might find the standard

2000/01/08 10:43:54	uxmon/Monitor/cmd.pm:
	check(): try pattern match with text output of command (e.g. used in
	ntp monitor)

2000/01/08 10:43:03	uxmon/Config/ntp:
	allow frequencies >1/10 Min., catch timeout event

2000/01/02 15:27:47	bb_evgen.pm:
	limit comment in SNMP traps to 150 chars

1999/12/27 18:25:30	uxmon/Monitor/logfile.pm:
	use /s (single line) option with pattern checking - therefore support
	multiline matches

1999/12/27 18:24:50	bstrapd.pl:
	do not dupe time stamps

1999/12/27 18:24:29	Makefile, etc/snmp_trap:
	renamed snmptrap to snmp_trap

1999/12/27 18:23:17	uxmon/Config/logfile:
	fixed some mistakes in new snmp_trap code

1999/12/27 18:22:53	uxmon/Monitor/snmp_trap.pm:
	default name of check is '.trap'

1999/12/27 17:49:44	bb_start, bstrapd.pl, Makefile, uxmon/Config/logfile, uxmon/Monitor/snmp_trap.pm:
	added trap monitor

1999/12/27 17:24:55	skins/frames/frameset_contents.proto:
	include icon in hyperlink

1999/12/27 17:02:12	skins/alt_contentsicons/yellow_funny.gif, skins/alt_contentsicons/red_funny.gif, skins/alt_contentsicons/purple_funny.gif, skins/alt_contentsicons/green_funny.gif, skins/alt_contentsicons/frameset_contents.proto:
	added alt_contentsicons skinset

1999/12/16 19:53:06	uxmon/Config/_evaluator:
	fixed _evaluator: send host name and alias name as distinguished arguments

1999/12/16 19:49:20	uxmon/Monitor/etherport.pm, uxmon/Monitor/atmport.pm, uxmon/Config/software, uxmon/Config/atmport, uxmon/Config/etherport:
	added etherport and atmport checks (Joseph G)

1999/12/16 19:44:33	uxmon/Config/software:
	added SNMP software version check (Joseph G)

1999/12/16 19:37:42	uxmon/Config/_evaluator:
	fixed bad 'memory' usage (Joseph G)

1999/12/16 19:37:03	bbdisp.pm:
	fixed sorting of tables by host/group name (Joseph G)

1999/12/11 21:55:03	skins/frames/frameset_contents.proto:
	added lamps to contents frame

1999/12/11 21:51:29	uxmon/Monitor/mrtg.pm:
	adopted the new short message/html message concept, brought in the
	latest changes from Joseph G

1999/12/11 21:48:26	skins/frames/frame1.proto, bbdisp.pm:
	added colored lamps to Contents part of framed status pages

1999/12/11 21:47:37	uxmon/Monitor/procs.pm:
	fixed procs.pm reporting for the wrong host (Joseph G)

1999/12/11 15:10:24	uxmon/Monitor/cmd.pm:
	log the output of commands

1999/12/11 14:29:52	uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm:
	beware of defective modules ... limit status values to 3

1999/12/11 14:07:14	skins/default/table.proto:
	moved the 'system' column from bbdisp.pm into table.proto

1999/12/11 13:55:15	bbdisp.pm:
	(Joseph G.) create_table(): sort hosts/groups by name
	write_html_status(): recognize the special keywords &red/&green/&purple/
	&yellow and &html in status messages

1999/12/11 13:24:33	uxmon/Config/ntp:
	added ntp check

1999/12/11 13:22:33	uxmon/Monitor/mrtg.pm, uxmon/Config/mrtg:
	added mrtg check (Joseph G)

1999/12/11 13:19:16	uxmon/Monitor/ping.pm:
	added fping support (Joseph G.)

1999/12/11 13:05:09	common.pm:
	invoke load_resources() after setting BigSister::common::root (Joseph G)

1999/12/05 16:20:23	RotatingLog.pm:
	beware of getting to noisy if we cannot open the log file

1999/12/05 15:53:44	RotatingLog.pm:
	fixed call of BigSister::common::log

1999/12/05 15:43:08	Makefile, bbd.pl, RotatingLog.pm:
	moved "statuslog" funcionality out into a class RotatingLog

1999/12/05 15:11:45	snmp.pm, SNMP_AGENT, bb_evgen.pm, bb_event_generator.cfg:
	added SNMP trap generation to bb_event_generator

1999/12/05 11:33:47	bb_event_generator.pl:
	wait() for children

1999/11/14 15:00:00 RELEASE 0.37

1999/11/14 13:15:38	uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl:
	reload(): fixed fix of testing if the config file has been altered

1999/11/14 13:14:01	bbdisp.pm, bbd.pl:
	added www/history/status.log mechanism, new options NewLog, BBLog

1999/11/09 20:18:21	uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl:
	honor the -c flag in uxmon (changes brought in by R. Roberts)

1999/11/03 19:47:24	uxmon/Config/ping:
	fixed wrong usage of $proto/$args, added pingcmd

1999/11/03 19:46:39	uxmon/Monitor/ping.pm:
	fixed wrong usage of $proto/$args, added 'pingcmd' argument (contributed
	by Roland Roberts)

1999/10/24 12:55:05	tools/bsadmin.pl, bb_start:
	introduced some differences to the installed version to see if install.sh
	will install the correct version (out of the scratch dir)

1999/10/24 12:38:37	bswebalarm.pl, bb_evgen.pm:
	place alarms for checks listed in the ignore list in the 'new_alarms' list
	and keep them there until either the alarm condition or the ignore mode
	has gone. bswebalarm: show them as acknowledged

1999/10/24 12:36:06	uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm:
	When re-reading the config file do remove all the variables and status

1999/10/16 17:31:50	uxmon/Config/memory, uxmon/Config/load, uxmon/Config/diskload, uxmon/Config/diskfree:
	fixed perflib memory

1999/10/16 19:00:00 RELEASE 0.36

1999/10/16 16:23:37	uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm:
	added run() method

1999/10/16 15:53:03	skins/default/_lamp.sub, bswebadmin.pl, Makefile:
	added Webadmin interface

1999/10/16 15:48:18	bb_start:
	support systems without -w grep option (XPG4)

1999/10/16 15:13:34	bbd.pl, permissions, access.pm, Makefile:
	implemented new access security model (allow_connect() in bbd, access.pm)

1999/10/14 19:13:18	bbdisp.pm:
	group_write(): schedule next group_write in 5 minutes instead of 15 minutes

1999/10/14 18:40:11	uxmon/Config/procs:
	accept ( and ) in process names if not looking like a range definition
	(number-number) or if escaped with a leading 1999/10/11 17:24:50	uxmon/Monitor/procs.pm:
	BSD ps option: cax instead of -cax

1999/10/11 17:23:33	uxmon/uxmon.pl:
	run through scheduler with 'time=0' after each reconfiguration - so that
	all the scheduled jobs are at least executed once directly after reconfig

1999/10/10 17:26:17	uxmon/Config/metastat, uxmon/Monitor/metastat.pm:
	use new schedule mechanism instead of builtin one, default to 30 minutes

1999/10/10 17:19:52	uxmon/Monitor/Monitor.pm:
	unreport() and unset_variable() using the correct list

1999/10/10 17:05:25	uxmon/uxmon.pl:
	if time of next run is >10 minutes in the past catch up without doing any

1999/10/10 17:03:27	uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm:
	init internally tracked agent state in init() rather than each time in

1999/10/10 16:21:00	uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm:
	added Schedule class, Monitor is now subclass of Schedule, Monitors
	use the method report() and set_variable() (both Monitor class) instead
	of directly calling the respective uxmon procedures.
	Monitors are now called through the schedule mechanism at arbitrary

1999/10/10 16:20:59	uxmon/Monitor/tcp.pm, uxmon/Monitor/statusfile.pm, uxmon/Monitor/snmp.pm, uxmon/Monitor/sar.pm, uxmon/Monitor/rpc_ping.pm, uxmon/Monitor/procs.pm, uxmon/Monitor/ping.pm, uxmon/Monitor/metastat.pm, uxmon/Monitor/logfile.pm, uxmon/Monitor/fs.pm, uxmon/Monitor/dumpdates.pm, uxmon/Monitor/cpuload.pm, uxmon/Monitor/cmd.pm, uxmon/Monitor/Schedule.pm, uxmon/Monitor/PerfLib.pm, uxmon/Monitor/Monitor.pm, uxmon/Monitor/Evaluator.pm:
	added Schedule class, Monitor is now subclass of Schedule, Monitors
	use the method report() and set_variable() (both Monitor class) instead
	of directly calling the respective uxmon procedures.
	Monitors are now called through the schedule mechanism at arbitrary

1999/10/10 16:17:19	uxmon/Config/statusfile, uxmon/Config/procs, uxmon/Config/ping, uxmon/Config/metastat, uxmon/Config/logfile, uxmon/Config/load, uxmon/Config/http, uxmon/Config/dumpdates, uxmon/Config/dns, uxmon/Config/diskload, uxmon/Config/diskfree, uxmon/Config/cpuload, uxmon/Config/bsdisplay, uxmon/Config/bbscript, uxmon/Config/_tcp, uxmon/Config/_storage, uxmon/Config/_snmp, uxmon/Config/_rpc:
	implement 'frequency=' settings

1999/10/10 16:16:59	uxmon/Config/_perflib, uxmon/Config/_evaluator:
	implement 'frequency=' settings

1999/10/10 16:16:31	uxmon/uxmon.pl:
	use Monitor::Schedule, loop once per minute

1999/10/10 09:13:00	bbd.pl:
	set_config() before going into listen mode

1999/10/09 15:54:57	bbdisp.pm:
	join_group(): add a group title for newly created parent groups also

1999/10/07 18:55:33	bscgi.pm:
	added support for POST method

1999/09/25 15:00:00 RELEASE 0.35

1999/09/25 12:46:51	tools/install32.pl:
	search for Big Sister in the working directory too - therefore find the
	Big Sister root directory also when not the default one

1999/09/25 11:16:01	uxmon/uxmon.pl:
	fixed signal handling: die on "TERM", ignore "INT" and "TSTP" if not
	in debug mode

1999/07/25 13:46:59	tools/install32.pl:
	when registering service: set AppDirectory to bin-Dir so that Big Sister
	programs will find their libraries.

1999/07/25 13:39:14	bbd.pl:
	parse_line() do not crash if some client is sending a 'leave *' command
	with an invalid host argument

1999/07/18 12:00:00 RELEASE 0.34

1999/07/17 20:27:35	contrib/makebinary:
	compile install32

1999/07/17 20:26:26	common.pm:
	proginit(): when computing progdir recognize '\' as well as '/'

1999/07/17 20:25:44	platforms/BS_win32.pm:
	perlpath(): support extensions other than .exe

1999/07/17 20:24:55	uxmon/Config/logfile:
	ignore eventlog check on non-Win32-systems

1999/07/17 20:17:35	Makefile, tools/install32.pl:
	added Win32 install procedure

1999/07/16 21:19:24	uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl:
	limit interpretation of ':' in uxmon-net to http check

1999/07/16 21:17:12	uxmon/Monitor/PerfLib.pm, uxmon/Config/memory, uxmon/Config/load, uxmon/Config/diskload, uxmon/Config/diskfree, uxmon/Config/_perflib, uxmon/Config/_evaluator:
	added NT performance monitor

1999/07/16 21:14:23	platforms/BS_win32.pm, platforms/BS_unix.pm, common.pm:
	allow setting root via platform specific config method (registry on Win32)

1999/06/26 15:20:00 RELEASE 0.33

1999/06/26 11:06:17	bscgi.pm:
	timeout only if running in FCGI mode

1999/06/26 09:56:15	contrib/makebinary:
	addet bb_stop32

1999/06/26 09:52:58	bb_start:
	'start': only warn, never kill running Big Sister daemons

1999/06/26 09:47:24	uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm:
	_end_report() increased grace time

1999/06/26 09:40:53	bscgi.pm:
	fixed wrong behaviour when FCGI module not present

1999/06/24 20:16:29	uxmon/Monitor/logfile.pm:
	use "msgs" as default instead of "log"

1999/06/24 19:55:55	bbdisp.pm:
	write_html: changed order of search-and-replaces

1999/06/24 19:44:52	bbdisp.pm:
	when renaming files in replace_vars_file() respect perl2exe bug

1999/06/24 19:12:52	contrib/makebinary:
	on Win32 systems find and copy perlcrt.dll

1999/06/24 19:08:42	bbd.pl:
	moved error message when rename fails in log writing

1999/06/24 18:55:25	bb_stop32.pl, Makefile:
	added bb_stop32 for stopping Big Sister on NT

1999/06/24 18:54:57	bb_start32.pl:
	do not print perlpath ...

1999/06/24 18:22:50	bbdisp.pm:
	bug fix: call write_html_status() in _set(), limit the number of passes
	instead of the number of groups recomputed in recompute()

1999/06/24 18:19:54	common.pm:
	write a .pid file when backgrounding

1999/06/24 18:17:08	common.pm:
	call Syslog functions with mentioning the package name

1999/06/21 18:17:04	bb_start:
	start / killproc: warn if trying to start Big Sister when Big Sister
	daemons are already running

1999/06/21 18:17:04	bb_start:
	start / killproc: warn if trying to start Big Sister when Big Sister
	daemons are already running

1999/06/20 17:24:51	Makefile, tools/bbecho.pl, uxmon/Monitor/bbscript.pm, uxmon/Config/bbscript:
	added bbscript monitor

1999/06/20 17:22:09	uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl:
	execute(): fixed variable defs regular expression: variable name ends at
	the first '='

1999/06/20 17:13:19	uxmon/Monitor/statusfile.pm:
	add_check(): absolutize paths not starting with "/"

1999/06/20 15:56:37	uxmon/Monitor/statusfile.pm, uxmon/Config/statusfile:
	added statusfile monitor

1999/06/20 15:09:39	bbdisp.pm:
	read_file(): added "%Option" statement, _set(): ImmediateHTML option,
	read_file(): KeepGroups option

1999/06/20 14:56:46	bbd.pl:
	inject(): on Win32 systems try unlink/rename if remame failed

1999/06/19 17:30:50	bbdisp.pm:
	write_html_log(): translate "<" and ">" character

1999/06/19 15:38:56	uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm:
	load_rules(): do only load rulefile on startup - never again

1999/06/19 15:37:47	uxmon/Config/load, uxmon/Config/cpuload, uxmon/Monitor/cpuload.pm:
	make 'check' configurable and default to 'cpu', use host alias passed by
	uxmon for reporting

1999/06/19 11:49:55	uxmon/Monitor/cpuload.pm, uxmon/Config/cpuload:
	added cpuload (uptime) check - contributed by Torben Sorensen

1999/06/17 20:15:41	bb_evgen.pm:
	on win32 systems use Platform::background_process for running the notifier

1999/06/17 20:14:33	bb_start32.pl:
	run uxmon from bin/uxmon if existant

1999/06/17 20:13:34	platforms/BS_win32.pm:
	perlpath(): available for other programs than perl. Print what we are running,

1999/06/17 20:05:54	uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl:
	execute() try a last 'do' if Config file not found

1999/06/17 20:01:50	uxmon/uxmon.pl:
	made compliant with new uxmon.pm

1999/06/17 20:00:43	uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm:
	load rulefile and Monitor classes using require rather than self-made
	search-and-execute, do initialization in a subroutine rather than on
	module load.

1999/06/14 19:44:05	bscgi.pm:
	do not execute code on module load - use init() procedure instead

1999/06/14 19:41:26	platforms/BS_win32.pm, platforms/BS_unix.pm:
	use Sys::Hostname for hostname guessing in preference to any other method

1999/06/12 18:15:00 RELEASE 0.32

1999/06/12 15:16:47	platforms/BS_win32.pm, log_mail.pl, bbdisp.pm, bbd.pl, bb_start32.pl, bb_evgen.pm:
	tested on WinNT and fixed flaky implementations

1999/06/12 11:58:40	bbd.pl:
	sendlogs(): time out when not being able to send for some time, do close
	unused sockets when forking, minimal support for crippled systems like Win32
	not implementing fork()

1999/06/11 21:26:50	uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm, tools/bsadmin.pl:
	added archivelogs command

1999/06/11 20:46:13	bbd.pl:
	savelogs(): allow client to pass tag identifying old log files.
	sendlogs(): allow client to retrieve old log files using the above tag

1999/06/11 18:11:33	bbdisp.pm, bbd.pl:
	write a checkpoint entry to display.history each 5 minutes. If necessary re-read
	config file just AFTER a display update instead of just BEFORE.

1999/06/11 17:58:34	bb_evgen.pm:
	page(), raise(), ack(): include time in alarms sent

1999/06/09 19:58:57	Makefile, etc/eventlog:
	added default etc/eventlog

1999/06/09 19:52:29	contrib/release_bigsister:
	create a big sister release from CVS

1999/06/09 19:50:17	bbd.pl:
	fixed bad usage of set_config() method

1999/06/09 19:43:33	contrib/Makedoc.pl:
	be a little more quiet

1999/06/09 19:24:09	bb_start:
	use bs_instdir in preference to all other possible Big Sister roots

1999/06/09 18:50:42	platforms/BS_unix.pm:
	require POSIX in bswait_nohang()

1999/06/09 18:37:13	common.pm:
	do not warn if syslog module does not load

1999/06/09 18:35:21	platforms/BS_unix.pm:
	do only include POSIX module on demand

1999/06/09 18:34:24	bb_evgen.pm:
	do not use Socket module

1999/06/08 19:07:39	display_map.pm:
	added 'name' and 'line' statement

1999/06/08 18:03:46	bbd.pl:
	added %agents hash, fill it with the information of which agent sent us
	which status, log agent changes

1999/06/07 20:02:57	uxmon/Monitor/eventlog.pm:
	show EventID in log text

1999/06/07 19:21:15	bb_event_generator.cfg, Makefile:
	now install a minimal bb_event_generator.cfg by default

1999/06/07 19:19:56	etc/OV:
	added a few comments

1999/06/07 19:16:53	CONFIG:
	updated some infos

1999/06/07 18:47:03	bb_evgen.pm:
	use log() to log event_generator events.
	assume checks are up when undefined (e.g. when used in "check=...")

1999/06/07 18:13:49	bbdisp.pm:
	fixed variable replacing code (_replace_vars()). Correctly treat quotes (@@).
	Quote @ in incoming messages (write_html_status())

1999/06/06 10:48:37	uxmon/Monitor/eventlog.pm:
	fixed invalid log priority "error" (should be "err")

1999/06/06 09:16:11	uxmon/Monitor/eventlog.pm:
	try to re-establish lost connections to EventLogs

1999/06/05 22:27:11	uxmon/Monitor/procs.pm, uxmon/Config/procs:
	added support for Win32 Services

1999/06/05 21:34:44	uxmon/Monitor/eventlog.pm:
	added support for Win32 EventLog (eventlog logfile module)

1999/06/05 21:32:52	uxmon/Monitor/logfile.pm:
	implemented file manipulating routines as methods instead of calling them
	directly. So they can be overriden (e.g. used for Win32 eventlog)

1999/06/05 21:19:36	uxmon/uxmon.pl, uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm, platforms/BS_win32.pm, platforms/BS_unix.pm, common.pm:
	moved hostname guessing to Platform modules

1999/05/22 09:44:02	log_mail.pl:
	replaced require common by the new use ... proginit() construct

1999/05/15 17:41:27	platforms/Platforms.pm:
	decide at compile time which platform we are running on

1999/05/15 13:54:56	contrib/cvslog2changes:
	convert CVS logs to CHANGES format

1999/05/15 13:03:08	Q+A, PROTOCOL, HOWTO:
	documented savelogs command

1999/05/15 12:51:31	tools/bsadmin.pl:
	added 'displayname' command

1999/05/15 12:45:15	bbd.pl:
	added 'savelogs' client command rotating log files (display.history)

1999/05/15 12:24:53	Makefile:
	added parse.pm and bsadmin command to install-common target

1999/05/15 12:20:53	tools/parse.pm, tools/bsadmin.pl:
	added parse.pm and bsadmin.pl

1999/05/15 12:12:38	uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm:
	fixed wrong usage of "Platform:bsconnected" vs. "connected"
	added sysreport() method

1999/05/14 09:16:42	README:
	updated some things for release 0.32

1999/05/14 09:12:57	Q+A:
	added section about ping monitor

1999/05/14 08:57:23	uxmon/Monitor/ping.pm:
	Fixed hard-wired ping adress in karl_ping()

1999/05/14 08:53:37	uxmon/Monitor/ping.pm:
	added "karl_ping" as contributed by Torben Sorensen - uses Solaris ping

1999/05/13 13:40:31	install.sh, Makefile:
	ignore CVS/RCS admin directories

1999/05/13 13:17:04	uxmon/uxmon.pl:
	do not "require" common.pm any more - "use" it and call proginit()

1999/05/13 13:16:50	compile_skin.pl, common.pm, bswebalarm.pl, bstrapd.pl, bshistory.pl, bbd.pl, bb_event_generator.pl:
	do not "require" common.pm any more - "use" it and call proginit()

1999/05/13 13:09:37	bb_start:
	check adm directory for uxmon-net files and run a copy of uxmon for everyone

1999/05/13 12:42:18	bbdisp.pm, bbd.pl, bb_event_generator.pl:
	prefer "require" to "do whatever"/"eval whatever" stuff. Do not "require"
	modules already present.

1999/05/12 22:30:54	Makefile:
	have .../bin and .../uxmon be module directories (-I in first line of scripts)

1999/05/09 20:20:26	uxmon/uxmon.pl, uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl:
	added option -c to uxmon which allows to pass the name of
	the "uxmon-net" file (as suggested by R. Roberts)

1999/05/09 20:13:44	uxmon/Config/procs:
	added support for pscomm= as suggested by Roland Roberts

1999/05/09 17:14:43	bb_evgen.pm:
	send "ack" alarm when receiving an acknowledgement

1999/05/09 15:12:36	bswebalarm.pl, bb_evgen.pm:
	completed support for alarm acknowledges

1999/05/09 15:10:51	skins/default/alarm.proto:
	added chapter "Ignored checks"

    09.05.99: introduced CVS

    08.05.99: install.sh: check if file exists in scratch dir
	      and install from there if yes

    08.05.99: Makefile: target bin: copy files to be modified
	      to scratch directory and modify them there

    06.05.99: bb_evgen.pm: alarm(), raise(): moved set up of
	      "norepeat" time from alarm() to raise()

    05.05.99: bb_evgen.pm: check_alarms(), common_check(),
	      alarm(): know acks

    03.05.99: bb_evgen.pm: interpret "ack" log entry

    01.05.99: bbd.pl: added "ack" client command

    01.05.99: bbdisp.pm: added method log()

    01.05.99: bbd.pl: ignore "set" command when used by clients

    01.05.99: bbdisp.pm: added method set_config(), write config
	      to grouping file (group_write())

    01.05.99: bbd.pl: set display config ($display->set_config)

    25.04.99: bscgi.pm: set skin _BASE to WEBROOT.inc so that
	      URLs are automatically referenced correctly

    24.04.99: bbdisp.pm, bswebalarm.pl, bshistory.pl: moved
	      main display routines from bbdisp to the respective

    24.04.99: bb_evgen.pm: raise(), load_state(): give alarms

    24.04.99: *.pl: require common rather than doing the same
	      things in every executable

    24.04.99: common.pm: added, contains common initialization
	      routines (such as parsing options, loading some
	      modules, etc.)

    24.04.99: compile_skin.pl, Makefile: when installing
	      skins pre-compile them using the cache_skin()
	      method of bbdisp.pm

    24.04.99: bbdisp.pm: find_skin(), read_skin(), cache_skin(),
	      bbdisp.pm is now able to create and use cached skin

    24.04.99: bbd.pl: do_listen(): fixed logged text when
	      reporting "purple" to include the time in
	      Unix format in "(...)"

    24.04.99: bshistory.pl, bswebalarm: use bscgi library
	      instead of copying subroutines between them

    24.04.99: added bscgi.pm library: working with CGI
	      and FastCGI

    24.04.99: bshistory.pl: fixed wrong usage of
	      bs_instdir ("use strict" patch from
	      R. Roberts)

    22.04.99: skins/default/history_entry.proto: fixed
    17.04.99: uxmon/Config/logfile, syslog, OV: same
	      source, same syntax ...

    17.04.99: uxmon/Monitor/logfile.pm, syslog.pm, OV.pm:
	      created generic class Monitor::logfile which is
	      the common base class for syslog.pm and OV.pm
	      (and future file based monitor classes)

    17.04.99: uxmon/Config/_snmp: added load_module("snmp")

08.04.99: release 0.30

    07.04.99: log_mail.pl: SMTP code: do not report
	      "mailprogram ..." error, use "require"
	      rather than "eval 'use..."

    07.04.99: bb_evgen.pm: clear_alarm(): call
	      pager() with the right number of
	      arguments (bug introduced 13.3.99)

    07.04.99: bb_event_generator.pl: background():
	      open STDIN/STDOUT/STDERR on /dev/null

    07.04.99: log_mail.pl: made it "use strict" and
	      "perl -T" proof

    07.04.99: bbd.pl: inject(): make log file writing
	      an atomic operation: write to a tmp directory
	      and then move the file

    07.04.99: bb_evgen.pm: read_state() do not accept
	      bad log files (next unless(defined ...)

    30.03.99: *.pl: use "bs_instdir" set by Makefile
	      for finding the Big Sister root directory

    28.03.99: uxmon/Monitor/snmp.pm: added debug mode
	      where variables are read from a file rather
	      than from network (get(), walk())

    28.03.99: uxmon/Monitor/procs.pm: support the new
	      variable model, support other data sources
	      than 'ps' (e.g. snmp)

    28.03.99: uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm: run_once: first run
	      check() for any checker, then late_check()

    28.03.99: uxmon/Monitor/Monitor.pm, every monitor module:
	      base class for Monitors is Monitor::Monitor

    28.03.99: uxmon/Config/_snmp: re-designed storage
	      check to use the enhanced Evaluator/snmp

    28.03.99: added uxmon/Monitor/Evaluator.pm

    28.03.99: uxmon/Monitor/snmp.pm: invoke uxmon::set_variable()
	      for each snmp variable

    28.03.99: uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm: added %uxmon::monitor_variables
	      and uxmon::set_variable()

    22.03.99: bbdisp.pm: _set(): generate HTML version
	      of status (logs) file in 'html' directory

    20.03.99: bbd.pl: added -f option

    20.03.99: bbdisp.pm: added %include statement

    20.03.99: bbdisp.pm: re-designed skin parsing code

    19.03.99: added bswebalarm.pl

    16.03.99: uxmon-rules-generic.pl: parse(): allow quotes
	      in uxmon-net

    14.03.99: Makefile: install notify and notify.cfg

    13.03.99: bb_evgen.pm: accept alternatives to
	      'log_mail' through "pager" variable

    13.03.99: bbdisp.pm: do not create_table() for
	      undefined groups

    13.03.99: bbdisp.pm: %Frameset: build contents
	      in the order pages appear in .cfg file

    13.03.99: display_map.pm: stop treating black as
	      transparent for template gifs

    12.03.99: log_mail.pl: use Net::SNMP replaced by
	      use Net::SMTP ...

    12.03.99: added history.pl: cgi script for displaying

    11.03.99: Makefile: insert -I${BS_ROOTDIR}/bin in every
	      perl script

    08.03.99: bbdisp.pm, Makefile: removed cgi.pl and www.pl
	      (no longer used thanks to the skin mechanism)

    08.03.99: bbdisp.pm: added %Frameset statement

    08.03.99: bbdisp.pm: replaced the 'template' mechanism
	      by the 'skin' mechanism

    07.03.99: uxmon/Config/ping: print a warning if using
	      icmp ping without being root

    07.03.99: bb_start: killproc() Big Sister components by
	      name rather than by uid, optionally run uxmon
	      as root

    07.03.99: install.sh: exclude 'CVS' and 'RCS' directories

    07.03.99: uxmon/Monitor/procs.pm: filtered out some more
	      space characters

    07.03.99: uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm, bb.pm: moved FQDN support
	      into bb.pm

    07.03.99: uxmon/Config/bsdisplay: added "fqdn" variable
    06.03.99: uxmon/Config/bsdisplay: added port and timeout

    15.02.99: uxmon/Monitor/ping.pm: stop crashing when recv
	      does not return a packet (on some systems recv
	      returns when receiving ICMP Destination

    19.01.99: uxmon/uxmon.pl, uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm, uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm,
	      uxmon/Monitor/OV.pm: added "log mode"

    10.01.99: bbdisp.pm: read_file(), "Groups": translate '.' in
	      FQDNs to '_' after setting the group title

04.01.99: release 0.28

    03.01.99: bb_evgen.pm: load_rules(): replace '.' in hostnames
	      by '_'

    03.01.99: bbdisp.pm: replace '.' by '_' in hostnames in
	      bb-display.cfg (FQDN)

    03.01.99: bbdisp.pm: replace '_' by '.' when using a hostname
	      as a display name (FQDN)

    02.01.99: uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm: report(), run_once(): sort
	      messages by status (report 'red' first, 'green' last)

    02.01.99: bbd.pl: increased max. length of received messages

    02.01.99: uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm: report(): split long
	      comments onto multiple lines

    02.01.99: uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm: report_one() support for
	      multiline comments

    02.01.99: bb_evgen.pm: allow for multiline status messages

    02.01.99: bbd.pl: inject(), read_state(), parse_line():
	      allow for multiline status messages

    02.01.99: bbdisp.pm: %Page statement: when prototype file
	      given without an absolute path add the path of
	      the 'www' directory

    02.01.99: bbd.pl: parse_line(): allow ',' character in
	      host names and translate to '_'

    25.12.98: uxmon/Config/ping: removed "print STDERR ..."

    25.12.98: bbd.pl: remove the "last updated" information when
	      a host "leave"s a group

    25.12.98: uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl: implemented reload()

    25.12.98: uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm: added uxmon::reconfigure()

    25.12.98: uxmon/uxmon.pl: if rule::reload exists call it each
	      pass and run uxmon::reconfigure if it returns true

    25.12.98: uxmon/Monitor/*.pm: check the return value of inet_aton
	      and behave reasonable if not defined (usually ignore the

    21.12.98: bbdisp.pm: print a warning if an unknown host is used
	      in a Rsync statement

    21.12.98: uxmon/uxmon-rules-generic.pl: print a warning if an
	      unknown host appears in uxmon-net

    21.12.98: uxmon/uxmon.pl: go into background after the config
	      file was read so that we get a change to see warnings

19.12.98: release 0.27

    19.12.98: Makefile: moved OV into etc subdirectory

    19.12.98: uxmon/Config/diskfree: auto detect the 'df' command
	      we should preferably use, store fs monitor object in

    19.12.98: bb_start: do not 'su' if we are already running
   	      as the $bsuser

    19.12.98: install.sh: install directories user writable

    19.12.98: uxmon/Config/snmp: added hrStorage check for
	      nt systems, display allocation units for storage

    18.12.98: uxmon/Monitor/metastat.pm: do not use '-f' option
	      with metastat command.

    16.12.98: bbd.pl: run display update in the background
	      on Win32 platform (create a "detached" process)

    16.12.98: platform/BS_win32.pm: added perlpath() sub

    16.12.98: bbd.pl, bbdisp.pm, uxmon/uxmon.pm, platform/BS_win32.pm,
	      platform/BS_unix.pm: moved wait, wait...NOHANG,
	      strftime into Platform modules.

    16.12.98: added bb_start32.pl: startup script for
	      Win32 platform

    15.12.98: uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm, uxmon/Config/*FQDN:
	      either strip domain suffixes from host names
	      or replace '.' by '_'

    15.12.98: bb_start: added '-b' to uxmon start up command

12.12.98: release 0.26beta

    12.12.98: uxmon/uxmon.pl: do waitpid() for child processes
	      (just in case ...)

    12.12.98: bbd.pl, uxmon/uxmon.pl, bb_event_generator.pl:
	      ignore SIGINT

    06.12.98: Makefile: install etc/OV correctly

    06.12.98: uxmon/uxmon.pl, uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm: stop uxmon
	      from dynamically load modules/uxmon-rules after

    19.11.98: bb_event_generator.pl/bb_evgen.pm: added load_state/

    15.11.98: log_mail.pl: added SMTP support (Net::SMTP module!)

    14.11.98: added platform/*, changed uxmon/bbd so that the
	      platform modules are used and the platform dependend
	      alarm/connect subs are called

11.11.98: release 0.25beta

    11.11.98: bbdisp.pm: changed time format used in "EXPIRES" on
	      the generated web pages (thanks to Dennis Moore)

    10.11.98: added uxmon/Monitor/OV.pm, uxmon/Config/OV (openview
	      trap monitor)

    10.11.98: uxmon/Config/dumpdates: fixed bug making dumpdates
	      complain about backup too early (actually 24*3600
	      times to early)

    08.11.98: bb_evgen.pm, bb_event_generator.pl: rewritten
	      from scratch

    07.11.98: uxmon/Monitor/cmd.pm: stopped cmd check to kill
	      uxmon after 5 minutes ...

    07.11.98: bb_event_generator.pl, uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm,
	      bbd.pl: ignore SIGHUP

    07.11.98: bb_start: run uxmon with absolute paths

    07.11.98: Makefile: corrected 'bin' rule not altering
	      bsuser in bb_start

01.11.98: release 0.24beta

    01.11.98: started replacing some gifs

    01.11.98: bbdisp.pm/bbd.pl: added "Autoconnect" feature

    01.11.98: bbdisp.pm: removed 2 stray prints to STDOUT (debugging)

    01.11.98: bbd.pl: added '-c' option

    01.11.98: display_map.pm: delete old graphics files correctly
	      (use 'seq' file to keep track of the image sequence

    27.10.98: install.sh/Makefile: use install.sh rather than
	      system install program

    27.10.98: Makefile: return true when using ed in a for loop
	      some versions of make behave different ...

26.10.98: released bugfix release 0.23beta

    26.10.98: bb_start: use install destination directory as
	      Big Sister home too. Run uxmon with full path rather
	      than cd.

    26.10.98: bbd.pl: fixed wrong interpretation of single IP addresses
	      in adm/hosts.allow

    26.10.98: Makefile: replaced find ... -exec by find + for loop
	      since -exec ... {} is not treated identically by
	      different versions of find

    26.10.98: perlpath: added missing 'shift'

25.10.98: release 0.22beta

    25.10.98: uxmon.pl, bbd.pl: ignore SIGPIPE

    25.10.98: Monitor::bb.pm, Monitor::tcp.pm: use send/recv rather
	      than syswrite/sysread

    24.10.98: bbdisp.pm/display_map.pm: added support for graphical
	      status displays

    24.10.98: bbdisp.pm: read_file()/create_table(): %table statement:
	      allow for groups to be prefixed with "+".

    24.10.98: bbd.pl: during startup do a $display->compute
	      before the first $display->update

    24.10.98: bbdisp.pm: added new internal structure "group_status"
	      holding consolidated status for any group. Added
	      method "group_status()" meant to get values out
	      of the group_status structure.

    22.10.98: bbdisp.pm: added "Autojoin" feature

18.10.98: release 0.21beta (hmh, already :-))

    18.10.98: improved documentation again

    18.10.98: added Monitor::cmd.pm, added uxmon/Config/dns
	      "cheap" dns check using Monitor::cmd and

    18.10.98: bbdisp.pm, bbd.pl: added "%Pager" statement to
	      bb-display.cfg. Interpret "page" command from
	      clients and behave like Big Brother

17.10.98: release 0.20beta

    17.10.98: improved documentation

    17.10.98: initial revison of uxmon-rules-generic.pl which will
	      be used as the "standard" in future

    17.10.98: A few changes to Makefile

    16.10.98: Monitor::rpc_ping.pm: removed endless "portmap()-Loop"
	      when a registered rpc service changed port. Fixed
	      wrong useage of "$ip" variable.

    15.10.98: Monitor::bb.pm: added "Big Brother compatibility

    11.10.98: Monitor::dumpdates.pm: when reporting remove
	      the partitions path (usually /dev/dsk) from
	      the partition name reported in the text

    11.10.98: added Monitor::syslog monitoring log files

10.10.98: release 0.12beta

    10.10.98: Monitor::snmp.pm: added method "poll_fail"
	      which allows status "snmp get successfull"
	      reporting ("snmp ping")

    07.10.98: bb_start: run bin/bb_event_generator, not

    07.10.98: Makefile: replace '#!....perl' by the path
	      supplied (PERL=...) or the path returned
	      by 'which perl'. Don't try to install (make)
	      the destination directory if it already

    07.10.98: bb_event_generator.pl, log_mail.pl: fixed
	      a few things ...

    06.10.98: Monitor::rpc_ping.pm: do a portmap call when
	      ping failed (just in case an RPC process was
	      restarted and changed port number)

    06.10.98: bb_event_generator.pl: default pager path set
	      to $root/bin/log_mail, go into background (daemon
	      mode) when not running in debug mode.
	      bb_start: start bb_event_generator without "&"
	      (does automatically go into background now)

    06.10.98: snmp.pm: when SNMP-getting many values get them
	      in multiple passes

    28.9.98: added a few known prog numbers to uxmon/Monitor/rpc_ping.pm

    28.9.98: uxmon/Monitor/*.pm: send clearer text when reporting
	     text when reporting status ("udp-ping OK" rather than
	     just the status for instance)
    28.9.98: bbdisp.pm: text written to display.history altered:
	     "host.check: old_status->new_status text".

26.9.98: release 0.11alpha

    26.9.98: uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm: detect if server closes
	     connection during transfer and abort transmission
	     too instead of crashing.

    26.9.98: uxmon/Monitor/*.pm: uxmon::report() altered
	     so that it uses the same status codes as

    26.9.98: bbdisp.pm: stopped loading Monitor::bb each
	     time when doing an rsync. Fixed set() not
	     updateing the internal status text table
	     when only the text changed but not the
	     status level itself.

    26.9.98: bbdisp.pm: fixed join_group()'s ignoring
	     some joins, fixed behaviour of "%title auto"
	     statement when using dynamic grouping

    25.9.98: added Monitor::dumpdates.pm: read /etc/dumpdates
	     and check for last backup

    24.9.98: bbdisp.pm: write grouping/display info to
	     www/grouping regularly

    24.9.98: bbdisp.pm: rsync: group info/display names
	     for parent groups need also syncing.

    24.9.98: bbdisp.pm: need_update(): return always true.
	     update(): do rsync independently of the isdirty
	     flag, do recompute and create pages only if
	     isdirty set. Synctime check fixed.

23.9.98: release 0.10alpha

    23.9.98: bb_start: use home directory of user bs as the
	     Big Sister root dir if it looks appropriate. Start
	     bbd with '-b' option. Check for adm/bb-display.cfg
	     rather than for www/logs to see if bb_start should
	     run bbd.

    23.9.98: *.pl: /usr/bin/perl changed to /usr/local/bin/perl

    22.9.98: uxmon/Monitor/uxmon.pm: added procedures
	     quit_gracefully (quit with sending "leave" group
	     information to bbd if necessary), join_group
	     (set group information for hosts), displayname
	     (set display names for hosts), leave_on_exit
	     (tell uxmon.pm to send "leave" information when
	     exitting in a normal way)

    22.9.98: uxmon/Monitor/bb.pm: added 3rd argument "join"
	     to report(). bb.pm is now able to report dynamic
	     grouping information

    21.9.98: bbd.pl: added -i option (set interval between
	     display updates) - mainly for debugging purposes

    21.9.98: bbdisp.pm: added methods join_group, leave_group,
	     displayname. bbd.pl: added client commands
	     join, leave, displayname (allow for clients
	     to join/leave Big Sister dynamically)

    21.9.98: bbd.pl: fixed bug in hosts.allow checks which
	     made it impossible for a client to connect
	     multiple times

    21.9.98: added "contrib/mibs" directory and compiled a
	     few MIBs.

    21.9.98: Monitor::snmp.pm: add_check: if the "differential"
	     argument equals "PERSEC" the difference of the
	     polled values is divided thru the number of seconds
	     between the polls.

20.9.98: released version 0.09 Alpha

    20.9.98: automatically replace the user we will be
	     running as in bb_start

    20.9.98: Makefile: do check if the user we are installing
	     as does exist

    20.9.98: Makefile: do not install bs when running make
	     without an argument

    20.9.98: Makefile: stop overwriting already installed
	     config files (adm/*, uxmon/uxmon-rules.pl,

    20.9.98: added rudimentary utils/def2mib.pl script
	     converting "mosy" (CMU SNMP ...) .defs files
	     into the format expected by Monitor::snmp
	     MIB loader

    20.9.98: added MIB loader to Monitor::snmp. Compiled
	     MIB-II into uxmon/mibs.txt

    20.9.98: bbd.pl: deny access to unauthorized agents.
	     Use config file adm/hosts.allow

    19.9.98: added Monitor::snmp monitor (snmp polling)

    19.9.98: Monitor::sar.pm: upper limits were not checked
	     correctly (if both a "yellow" and a "red" upper
	     limit existed, only the "yellow" one was checked)

17.9.98: released version 0.08 Alpha